10 of the Most Popular Code Geass Fanfiction Stories in 2023

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Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, often referred to simply as Code Geass, is a Japanese anime television series produced by Sunrise. 

Set in an alternate timeline, it follows the exiled prince Lelouch vi Britannia, who obtains the “power of absolute obedience” from a mysterious woman named C.C. 

Using this supernatural power, known as Geass, he leads a rebellion against the rule of the Holy Britannian Empire, commanding a series of mecha battles.

Code Geass has 50 episodes.

It is a popular franchise beloved by many.

And because of this, there are tons of fanfictions out there built around the world of Code Geass. 

And some of these fanfiction stories are enjoyable to read and rather engaging.

This article will explore some of the best and most popular Code Geass fanfiction stories according to hits received on Archive of Our Own. 

Keep reading to find out more.

1. Code Azur: Lelouch of the Fleet (65)

Lelouch wakes up to find himself stranded on a mysterious island.

In this alternate universe, the ships are sentient beings. 

He soon learns about the existence of mysterious beings known as the Sirens. 

To fight against the sirens, humanity creates humanoid female embodiments of real-life warships.

Now, Lelouch is a good strategist despite being young.

And soon he finds himself leading his navy in search of the enemy’s ship “Bismarck”.

A whole new game has been set before him, one that plays by its own rules.

Luckily for Lelouch, he too plays by his own rules.

And how could he resist a game against a powerful opponent like the sirens?

This thrilling adventure-packed take on Code Geass is a very popular!

2. Watching As All Hope Is Lost

This story begins immediately after a major war.

We are introduced to the main characters Nunally and CC who are both Princesses.

Nunally, although younger than C.C, is more powerful.

They find something known as “the requiem”.

It contains information about the past war and some truths about a wartime commander known as Lelouch.

This piques their interest. 

Suzaku, a palace guard, tries his best to stop Nunally from finding the zero-requiem as it contains the death of her brother and some dark truths which may be hard to come to terms with.

The zero-requiem exposes Lelouch as a stern commander, contrary to what everyone believes.

His resolve would yet again prove indomitable as he would go on to become the emperor of Tokyo through a bloody coup.

3. Dekuverse

Featuring a wide range of topics including time quirks, mermaids and mermen, ghosts, and ghouls, this is a must-read for all anime fans out there.

Plus, it’s a crossover with My Hero Academia, Fairy Tail, and more.

4. Code Geass: The Prepared Rebellion Chapter 5 Lemon Excerpt

Lelouch gulped when he saw her entirety. Her skin was pale and almost luminescent, her stomach was toned and flat.

The chapter opens with C.C and Lelouch alone with nothing but their towels and wet bodies.

Letting her body entice Lelouch, she seduces Lelouch. 

 They even go at it for a second time. 

This chapter features the sensual relationship between Lelouch and C.C

5. Code Geass: The Prepared Rebellion Chapter 12 Lemon Excerpt

An excerpt from Code Geass: The prepared Rebellion.

Sakoyo at long last shares a hot moment with her master, Lelouch.

This spicy adult-themed chapter has many fans wanting more. 

6. Excalibur: The Witch in the Lake 

This one is a sequel to the trailblazing Excalibur: A Sword Forged by Stone.

Ignorant of their parents’ sins, Lelouch and Nunnally find themselves in hot waters.

Lelouch dedicates his loyalty to his father while Nunnally flirts with radicalism.

This suspense-filled thriller will keep you at the edge of your seat till the end.

7. 10.30 Sharp

“Heads down! Heads down! No talking! Against the wall!” The terrorist waved his gun around, a twisted smirk the only thing visible from under his mask.

And in a cheery voice, he told them: “Zero sends his regards to Ashford Academy.”

10.30 Sharp, a must-read for all Code Geass fans, features a fun and adventurous take on Code Geass. 

With immersive narration, intriguing plot, and fiery action-packed scenes, this alternate universe based on an exciting premise keeps you wanting more.

It features complicated political moves, a healthy dose of violence, and gore. 

8. Leave me Your Starlight

If the only way to understand his actions was through a self-destructive path, then that would be the path Nunnally chose.

This much-needed take on Code Geass is set five years after Zero Requiem.

Nunnally, the beloved empress of a now peaceful world, finds herself reminiscing about her past.

With no one to talk to about it, she finds herself longing for chaos.

The author does an excellent job. Including minor details that allow for more insight into the character’s mind.

Many claim that Leave me Your Starlight is a delightful read.

9. The Sun Also Rises

The night is darkest just before dawn, but dawn will come regardless.

Set after the excellent execution of Zero Requiem. Demon emperor Lelouch Lamperouge vi Brittania dies.

That was supposed to be the end. But the World of C has other plans for him.

Lelouch wakes to a new identity filled with endless possibilities.

Expect mountains of banter, immersive, action-packed scenes, and a tiny, angry Suzaku.

10. The spark of life

The Spark of Life is a wholesome, well-paced, adventurous take on Code Geass featuring a female Lelouch. Yes, I said it!

Following a well-deserved execution, the demon empress dies.

But things didn’t go as planned. With nothing to live for, Lelouch opens her eyes. 

Now on a journey of self-discovery filled with positivity and optimism. Lelouch discovers surprises that rock her world.

Code Geass Fanfiction: Conclusion

I hope this article has helped you find some great Code Geass fanfiction!

These are just a small sample of all the amazing stories out there.

So be sure to take a look and find your own favorite among them.

And if you have questions about this topic, feel free to leave a message in the comments below!

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