If you're looking for the Best Loki fanfiction, this story is for you!

In this story, the Avengers, in the timeline of the 2012 movie, find themselves in a sort of movie theater. A voice from the speakers tells them to sit down and watch the show. There they see the episodes from the Loki TV show. And they are shocked to know that this is what Loki is going through.

This story follows Loki, but most of all, Sylvie after their journey to defeat the Time Keepers. Sylvie does not understand why Loki stayed with her all this time and even helped her in the end. But he did, and now they are stuck with each other.

This story follows the entire season one of the Loki series. But instead of Sylvie being the person out there with Loki, it is the reader. The storyline is almost the same as the TV show, with some minor differences.

This is a very different kind of ‘story’. Since it contains mostly pictures of miniature Loki and Thor and some of the other characters. And the writer just added some captions or minor storylines.

In this story, Loki, Tony Stark, Peter Parker, Wanda Maximoff, Steve Rogers, and Stephen Strange end up in each other’s paths. They all face different problems they would wish to change. And without knowing it, they are on three different paths to the same change in history and future.

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