If you're looking for the Best Fleabag Fanfiction, this story is for you!

This story is a collection of how Priest and Fleabag spend their weekends. It gives some insight into the status of their relationship. But also lets the reader see more of them in a more personal setting. Also, with every new weekend, the relationship between Fleabag and Priest seems to grow.

This story takes place after the break-up at the bus stop. Every chapter is based on a Winnie the Pooh quote which makes this story unique. Both Fleabag and Priest secretly want to reconnect after the breakup. But neither of them is willing to take the first step.

This story is set several years after the ending of season 2. Priest and Fleabag aren’t a couple anymore, but they do try to stay in each other’s lives. That said, this is very hard, and they come across many difficulties. Especially because one of them might feel more than just friendship.

In this story, it has been two years since Fleabag and Priest broke up. They didn’t break up because they didn’t love each other anymore but because he loved God a little more. And he moved away to a small town that needed a new Priest.

This story follows the canon pretty strictly with some minor adjustments. It really reads as a love story. Because Fleabag isn’t used to feeling these strong emotions, she does not know how to handle her relationship with Priest.

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