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In this story, the characters from RWBY watch episodes from Dragonball Z. When they find the first episodes on YouTube, they hang out together and watch all the episodes, movies, and everything else they can find. Then they discuss the show with each other.

The world where Izuku Midoriya lives has a true superhero society. Without owning a Quirk you are basically an outcast, and Izuku still doesn’t have one. Then one day, he wakes up with a monkey tail, thinking this is the Quirk he was waiting for.

This story is a massive crossover between multiple fandoms, including Dragon Ball, Marvel’s Avengers, Death Note, and more. It takes place after the Avengers: Civil War, and Natasha has lost her faith in Tony Stark. She seeks out a different billionaire to help out with funds and support the Avengers.

This is another crossover between the Avengers and Dragon Ball. After the Avengers Civil War, a spaceship enters the earth’s atmosphere. In it are a few Saiyans from a different universe out to help the Avengers in the war against Thanos. Wanda and Steve aren’t too happy with this, but Tony is willing to accept the help they can get.

This story is another crossover between Dragon Ball and My Hero Academia. By random draw, it is decided that Uraraka and Bakugou will spend a year together in the hyperbolic time chamber. But time in the chamber doesn’t pass the same way as on the outside. So what is a year for them is only one day in the outside world.

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