10 Popular Undertale Fanfiction Stories to Read in 2024

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If you are looking for the best Undertale fanfiction, then this is the post for you.

Undertale is a role-playing video game that was first released in 2015.

The player is a child that has fallen into the Underground and has to fight magical creatures on a journey back to the surface of the Earth.

So if you like RPGs, then Undertale might be just the thing for you.

Along with the video game, there is also a whole world of Undertale fanfiction out there.

But in this post, I will write about some of the most popular Undertale fanfiction according to hits received on Archive of Our Own.

1. Skeleton Squatters and the Landlady

This fanfic is a reader-insert story where the reader plays an important part in the story.

The reader is at their late Grandpa’s lodge because they just had to escape real life.

It is time to relax this weekend and, after that, return to life as normal.

But instead, the reader is confronted with what looks like skeleton monsters.

Now they have to decide what to do with these skeleton creatures.

And maybe they aren’t as bad as they look.

This is a funny and a little bit of a spicy story.

2. Six Skeletons, One Maid

This is another reader-insert story, and in this one, the reader is a maid in service of the Skeletal Household.

It takes place in an alternate universe and does not follow canon completely.

The reader has a busy job as the only maid, and the days can be long and hard.

But she can get through the long days by thinking about her hopes and dreams.

This way, she actually has a lot of fun and also interacts with the skeleton residents.

This is a funny story with some original takes on the skeletal family.

3. One By One

In this fanfic, the writer has created an alternate ending to the story.

Keep in mind that there are some spoilers in this story about the true ending of the game.

Because Asriel is lost in the dark, Frisk decides to go back in time and try to save him.

But by doing so, some of the earlier happy endings are undone, and time itself changes.

So will Frisk be able to save everyone even though things are changing?

Read this original take on the story to find out.

4. DanganRonpa 69: There’s MORE hope!?

This fanfic is a crossover between multiple fandoms, including:

And many more.

In this story, we follow Luigi after he wakes up in a mysterious-looking school.

And he has no idea how he got there or how to get out again.

But then he is forced into a killing game by a weird bear.

So now the question is more about who will survive.

This is a dark story but a very original and creative one.

5. The Golden Quiche

For this story, the writer has created magic lore and has called it The Magus Compendium.

Frisk’s life is in shambles, and he is at a loss.

Asriel couldn’t be saved, and no matter what he tried, he couldn’t go back in time to fix it.

Now he has to find another way to deal with it all or maybe another way to fix it all.

The story contains a lot of mystery and more backstory about the magic system.

It is a very extensive story which obviously has a lot of thought behind it.

The story is 243 chapters in total, so this isn’t a short read.

6. The Skeleton Games

In this fanfic, the barrier with Underfell is broken, and the monsters are moving into the city.

It is another reader-insert story, and the reader is living in the city in a small apartment.

The new neighbor makes a lot of noise and is just an overall bad neighbor.

And then, the reader finds out that the neighbor is playing a video game and tries to get back at him through this game.

But not everything goes the way the reader wants it to.

This story is part 1 of the “Skeleton Games” series, so make sure to check out the rest as well.

It is a lovely story about friendship and having fun in a dark world.

7. The House Next Door

Yet another fanfic where the reader plays a big part in the entire story, and the reader is female in this fanfic.

The reader must work three jobs to support herself and her big family.

And when she finally has a day off from work for the first time in a long time, she decides to go and have fun.

But then she runs into a group of monsters and barely gets away.

Only she finds out a few days later that this group of monsters are actually her new neighbors.

So now the reader tries to find a way to accept these monsters, and when she does, it turns out they aren’t so bad at all.

This is a funny story with a few serious elements, but still very fun and easy to read.

8. Under the Veil

This fanfic is a time travel crossover story between Harry Potter and Undertale.

Sans went back in time to stop the resets in his timeline, and he did succeed with this.

But now he is stuck in the void between worlds and has no idea how long he has been there.

Until one day, he finally finds a way out of the void with the help of Sirius Black.

And it is up to Sans to figure out what this person calling himself the Veil of Death, wants from him.

There are 67 chapters in total, and it is a good combination of the two fandoms.

9. Dirty Laundry

In this story, the reader is new to town and has no idea what to expect.

The monsters and humans are living together, and this is all very new for the reader.

But then they make friends with some of the monsters.

And that’s when they realize that monsters and humans aren’t that different after all.

Maybe these monsters are even better to be around than some humans in town.

It is part 1 in the “Swapfell Indigo” series, so if you enjoyed this make sure to read the rest as well.

It is a funny story with some heartwarming elements in it.

10. Trust

In the town of Snowdin, strange things are happening.

There are several reports of skeletal children and other skeletal creatures seen walking around.

Grillby is a resident of Snowdin, and when he finds out that somebody has been raiding his trash cans, he goes on an investigation.

What he then discovers shocks him but also makes him realize that much more is going on in his small town than he realized.

The story is part 1 in the “Trustverse” series, which contains three parts in total.

Undertale Fanfiction: Conclusion

I hope this article has helped you find some great Undertale fanfiction!

These aren’t the only fanfics based on Undertale on AO3.

So you may want to look at the other fanfics with this tag and find your own favorite among them.

And if you have questions about this topic, feel free to leave a message in the comments below!

Lastly, if you want to read more top fanfiction posts on this blog, then check out:

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