The Top 20 Stardew Valley Fanfiction Stories to Read in 2024

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Fanfiction stories are written not just for television shows and movies.

Actually, a lot of writers also get inspired to create stories about the video games they regularly play!

One such video game is Stardew Valley.

It is a fun, relaxing game that’s available on different platforms.

Unlike other games where the goal is to get strong enough to beat the main villain, Stardew Valley just lets its players build their own cozy little world. 

The players can customize their own main character.

They can change their character’s gender, name, appearance, and clothes depending on what they want their avatar to look like in-game.

After that, the character can explore the world and earn in-game currency in various ways.   

If they want to mine minerals, forage for food, or focus on fishing, they can do so in the game.

They can even marry their character to one of the villagers!

The villagers include six bachelors and six bachelorettes.

However, the player needs to do some quests to marry their chosen villager.

The player also needs to know the likes and dislikes of their chosen bachelor/bachelorette in order to score more points with them.

Eventually, scoring enough points will get the bachelor or bachelorette to “fall in love” with the main character and even build a family with them.

Given the romantic aspect of the game, it’s no wonder many authors want to create their own stories about these characters! 

There are a lot of great works about Stardew Valley on both Fanfiction.Net and

In this article, we will be looking at 20 of some of the most popular Stardew Valley fanfics on AO3.

1. A Farm in the Forest

Stardew Valley fanfiction

At 280k+ words and 68 chapters, A Farm in the Forest is still unfinished! 

However, don’t let its incomplete status stop you from immersing yourself in this story.

A Farm in the Forest tells the story of Jade, the female main character.

It explores her rich history and how she develops relationships with Stardew Valley’s many characters.

Best of all, this story is about how she falls in love with Sebastian, the cold, rebellious loner of Stardew Valley. 

If you like fanfiction stories that don’t hold back from worldbuilding and exploring character backgrounds, then A Farm in the Forest is a story you’ll likely enjoy.

2. Runaway

Stardew Valley fanfiction

At 61 chapters and 330k+ words, this completed work concerns a female main character named May Reed. 

Several unfortunate events in her life made her relocate to Stardew Valley.

This eventually causes her to cross paths with the kind-hearted and respectable town doctor named Harvey.

Runaway is a good example of a slow-burn and fluffy story.

The author does a good job making May Reed a believable character – and someone Harvey will fall in love with.

It will make readers believe in the saying, “Everything happens for a reason!”

3. Bun in the Oven 

Stardew Valley fanfiction

This story is a fun one in its own right!

In Bun in the Oven, its chapters tell the story of how each of the six bachelors in the game finds out that they are actually going to be fathers.

That means the author also has to write six different female main characters to serve as the mothers of these babies!

The plot itself is pretty simple.

But the fun is definitely in reading just how each bachelor reacts to the surprising news.

There’s even a chapter dedicated to Krobus, or the friendly monster in Stardew Valley, reacting to the developments in his hometown!

If you like your stories short, sweet, and varied, then Bun in the Oven could be a good story for you!

4. Finding Home Again

Stardew Valley fanfiction

Another completed fanfiction story, Finding Home Again is a rare gem in its own right.

Unlike the earlier stories, this one sets up a more complicated plotline.

Finding Home Again tells the story of Estelle, the female main character.

She seems ill-suited to life on the farm and needs some time to adjust to her surroundings.

Eventually, her path crosses with both Sebastian and Abigail.

From there, a love triangle emerges between Estelle, Sebastian, and Abigail.

Finding Home Again treads a fine line that only a few authors dare to cross – and that is to include a love triangle in their story. 

It sets up a believable arc that convinces its readers why Sebastian would choose to fall in love with the female main character instead of Abigail.

If you like your story with some drama and conflict between characters, then Finding Home Again is a solid choice!

5. Heroes of Pelican Town

Stardew Valley fanfiction

Our fifth story is a special one, all right.

Instead of Stardew Valley as its only canon source, the author decided to incorporate elements from the manga series Boku No Hero Academia in it.

Officially, it’s the first crossover story on our list! 

In Heroes of Pelican Town, Jirou Kyouka and Midoriya Izuku accidentally find themselves transported to Pelican Town in Stardew Valley.

Instead of fighting for their lives nearly every week as they are used to, these two characters now have to deal with living a peaceful life. 

It’s a fun way of showing just how battle-hardened characters like Jirou and Midoriya will adjust to their new world.

If you’re a fan of Boku No Hero Academia and Stardew Valley, then this crossover story is definitely a great one to read!

6. Cigarettes & Monsters

Stardew Valley fanfiction

A lot of authors really do seem to favor Sebastian as a character to write more of.

After all, who doesn’t want to learn more about Stardew Valley’s resident rebellious loner?

In Cigarettes & Monsters, Sebastian is feeling more and more suffocated and misunderstood even by his own family.

This pushes him to set off on his own in search of his own adventure.

This incident also causes him to meet Hana – our female main character.

Cigarettes & Monsters deal with topics such as social anxiety as well as mental health topics.

This makes their journey toward self-discovery even more meaningful and poignant.

At 250k+ words, this is a slow-burn story that is perfect for reading if you’re a fan of Sebastian!

7. Stardew Valley Sebastian x Reader

Stardew Valley fanfiction

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be included in a fanfiction story as a character?

Then you’re in luck.

In Stardew Valley Fanfiction Sebastian X Reader, you are treated as the female main character in the story.

Just like all the main characters, you’ll also find yourself moving into Stardew Valley.

However, as a big city girl, you’ll find adjusting to living in a small peaceful town quite hard.

And, as if your new situation is not challenging enough, you’ll also find yourself falling for Sebastian!

Fluffy with a side of drama, Stardew Valley Sebastian x Reader really will make you think:

“What if I’m the heroine in a Stardew Valley story?”

8. Where You Belong

Just when you think Sebastian is the only bachelor in town, here comes a story that fleshes out another Stardew Valley hunk.

Where You Belong focuses on Morgan, our female main character.

She has just left her less-than-stellar life after discovering that her grandfather left her a property in Stardew Valley after he passed away.

However, a near-accident causes her to meet Elliott – who happens to be Stardew Valley’s most sentimental and “romantic” character.

Where You Belong explores Morgan’s character and presents her as a believable character.

It also makes Elliott more relatable to readers, especially as most of them are also writers like him.

If Elliott is your favorite bachelor in the game, then Where You Belong is a story for you.

9. New Americana

Do you think Stardew Valley fanfiction stories are all about shipping characters together?

New Americana will make you think again.

This story is about Rae Carriker, our female main character in the story.

Unlike the other main characters in our list, Rae has been in Pelican Town for three seasons now.

However, she’ll need all the help she can get from Stardew Valley’s bachelors and bachelorettes if she wants to fight a corporate takeover that has its sight over her hometown!

This story is a good example of a found family fic where character bonds grow as thick as family.

Heartwarming and delightful, New Americana proves that not all love stories have to be romantic.

They can be familial, too!

10. Nothing Makes Sense and Everything Hurts

Just like Stardew Valley Sebastian X Reader, Nothing Makes Sense, and Everything Hurts is a fanfiction story that treats you as its female main character.

But this story is just a tad more dramatic.

As the main protagonist, you’re already in a relationship with Sam, one of Stardew Valley’s characters.

However, you soon find out something terrible about your boyfriend.

And this event causes you to get closer to Sebastian – who may or may not have deep feelings for you all this time.

At 55k+ words, this incomplete fic is one of the shorter entries in our list.

It’s also one of the most explicit.

However, if you’re interested in a mature love story, then this might be for you.

11. The Runaway Dream

Authors of Stardew Valley Fanfiction really do like creating their main characters to have complex backstories – even painful ones.

The Runaway Dream is no exception.

Our female main character is Satsuma.

She goes to Stardew Valley to heal from a past abusive relationship.

But try as she might, she can’t hide her trauma from the people in Stardew Valley, especially not from Sebastian, who’s one of the first to realize something’s off about Satsuma.

This story deals with many heavy themes like physical and emotional abuse.

It also shows that love is a good healer of past wounds, no matter how deep they are.

12. Stardew Valley Sebastian x Reader Oneshots

This is perhaps the shortest entry in our list at just 1k+ words.

However, this doesn’t mean it’s any less enjoyable than the other stories!

Stardew Valley Sebastian X Reader Oneshots, from the title alone, is supposed to have more than just one chapter.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t been updated since it was published.

In this story, the female main character gives Sebastian a gift that he truly appreciates.

This causes him to reveal his true feelings for her in a surprising way!

Romantic and sweet, this is a very light story that fans of Stardew Valley will surely enjoy. 

13. An Offer You Can’t Refuse

What if the protagonist has one of the bachelors fall in love with her?

And what if she falls for a completely different man?

This is the gist of the story An Offer You can’t refuse.

In it, Sam falls for Pandora, our female main character.

Sebastian, Sam’s best friend, tries to help him get closer to her.

Except his efforts led Pandora to fall for him instead of Sam!

This story will definitely make its readers wonder who Pandora will go for: the man who loves her, or the man she loves?

The answer might surprise you!

14. Changes

The story Changes tries for something different.

Unlike the others in our list, Changes focuses on Shane.

He is depressed and alcohol-dependent, making exploring his character a bit more challenging.

However, that doesn’t stop our female main character, Harper, from dealing with him in the only way she knows.

In this story, Shane and Harper have known each other since childhood.

They detest each other, too.

Like all enemies-to-lovers stories, the fun in reading this one is seeing how their view of the other shifts especially once they realize their feelings for the other have grown from hate to love!

15. Your Beauty Never Ever Scared Me

Pretending to have something you don’t often leads to poor results.

Just ask our female main character!

In Your Beauty Never Ever Scared Me, she tells her father she’s settling nicely at Pelican Town with her boyfriend.

Except she doesn’t have one.

And now, with her dad coming over to Stardew Valley, she’ll need Sebastian’s help to deal with this event which includes him pretending to be her boyfriend!

True to the fake dating and relationship trope, Your Beauty Never Ever Scared Me is a fun story to read.

It’ll also make you wonder: will the fake love story ever become real?

16. Timid Seasons

What if the shy, timid doctor is paired up with an equally shy farmer?

That is the gist of our story Timid Seasons.

It’s a slow-burn story where the female main character, Rae, takes a good long while before realizing and acting on her feelings for Harvey.

And unfortunately for her, he’s the exact same way!

With both characters being awkwardly adorable, it takes a while before they become freely romantic with each other.

But reading about their journey together makes the effort worth it!

17. Bury My Heart in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley seems like an idyllic place where people get to ease their sorrows.

No wonder many authors like to write about main characters who treat the town as their own sanctuary!

This is what Bury My Heart in Stardew Valley is all about.

Our female main character, Lilah Casey, is a survivor of emotional and psychological abuse.

She went to Stardew Valley to escape her dark, troubled past, only to find love and support from the people there – most notably, from Sebastian.

Be warned, however, that this story deals with some dark themes.

Check out the story tags before diving into this fanfiction.

18. Reality Check

This story definitely explores a different side of Harvey that other stories just don’t seem to display.

In Reality Check, the meeting between the female main character and Harvey is very electric.

They grow attracted to one another, but just how long will it take to show each other how much they care?

Reality Check shows the sweet progression of the love story between Harvey and the female main character.

Despite their attraction, it takes a while for their love to manifest.

If Harvey is your favorite bachelor in Stardew Valley, you’ll may enjoy reading this other side of him!

19. What If

What If is a hodge-podge of stories from different video games put together.

It’s a compilation of short prompts focusing on different characters paired with the reader for each chapter.

For now, only Shane is the character from Stardew Valley with chapters dedicated to him.

The first deals with a short and sweet confession between him and the main character.

The second deals with a cute teasing moment between him and the main character.

While not yet published, stories about Alex and Sebastian will also make an appearance in What If.

If the author updates the story, that is!

20. Aesthetic Journey Through the Valley 

Last on our list is a story that shines the spotlight on our last bachelor, Alex. 

In Aesthetic Journey Through the Valley, the female main character moves into Stardew Valley.

Being new to town, she befriends most of the characters.

But something about Alex – Stardew Valley’s resident sportsman – catches her eye.

Fortunately for her, Alex finds himself drawn to her, too!

This story makes the love story between Alex and the main character work well.

If Alex is your favored bachelor in Stardew Valley, then you may enjoy reading this story!

Stardew Valley Fanfiction: Conclusion

We hope this article has helped you find 20 of the Best Stardew Valley Fanfiction Stories to read this year. 

These are just some of the outstanding stories about this video game.

There’s still a lot more out there for you to enjoy!

If you have any questions about this topic or a story you think we should add to the list, please leave a message in the comments below! 

If you want to read more of our fanfiction lists, feel free to check out the following:

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