20 Six of Crows Fanfiction Stories to Read in 2024

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If you are looking for some excellent Six of Crows fanfiction — you have come to the right place. 

Six of Crows is one of the most popular books by Leigh Bardugo. And it has many different elements which attract a lot of people.

If you like action and intrigue, the Six of Crows books might be just for you.

Along with the book and now also the Netflix series, there is a whole world of Six of Crows fanfiction. 

There are countless stories out there that feature Kaz, Inej, and all the other Crows. 

Keep reading to learn more about these fantastic and original stories. 

1. Dealing With Our Demons

This is one of the most popular fanfiction stories out there.

And it continues where Crooked Kingdom, the second book in the series, ended.

Inej is on her way to hunt the slavers around the seas, and she sends a long letter to Kaz.

Kaz, in return, sends a small letter back with some money.

The story then continues from the perspective of Inej and then from Kaz.

2. Nothing’s Changed At All

This story is written a bit differently from the first story mentioned.

You can read it as a group chat on your phone. Not so much as a book.

All the characters we know from the books are present.

It is funny and witty and represents the characters as they communicate in modern times.

3. A Good Myth is Hard to Kill

The author of this story has changed the entire storyline of Six of Crows and Shadow and Bone.

Instead of Alina being the Sun Summoner, in this story, we see Kaz Brekker being revealed as such.

Throughout the story, we see many things that happened to Alina in the original tale happening to Kaz.

This makes it exciting but also easy to read because it is familiar.

So, this might be your best pick if you are looking for a story with a different twist.

4. Big Reputations

This is another text message-type story where we see different app groups between the crows.

It is switched between chats with all the crows to one-on-one conversations or smaller groups.

It must be mentioned that this story is only the first part of a more extensive series called ‘Big Reputations.’

The text is a variation of large pieces to short two-line conversations.

This keeps the flow of the story steady and makes it very easy to read.

The story has less to do with plot and more to do with what goes on in the minds of all the characters we love.

5. A Shift in the Air

This story shows the first chapter of a young Kaz who is deaf.

The death of his brother goes pretty much the same as in the original story.

The only difference is that Kaz is also affected by the plague. And it has left him deaf.

This first chapter is about Kaz discovering that he can’t hear anything.

And Kaz has to learn how to deal with this revelation.

6. Love You in Moderation (Don’t You Know I Wish I Could)

In a world where Kaz Brekker is a master of strategy, schemes, and thievery, he now faces an unexpected challenge — navigating the labyrinthine maze of intimacy

It’s a journey simpler and more complex than his meticulous heists.

In this gripping tale, watch as Kaz Brekker, the cunning mastermind, attempts to conquer the elusive realm of emotional closeness. 

He embarks on a daring adventure where secrets, vulnerabilities, and hidden desires become the ultimate currency. 

Can Kaz, the fearless leader of the Dregs, triumph over the treacherous terrain of human connection?

See in this Six of Crows fanfiction!

7. Show Me Where My Armor Ends. (Show Me Where My Skin Begins)

six of crows Nina Zenik Fanart
Fanart of Nina Zenik

This story’s author noted that some other works on the website inspired the story.

In this fanfic, we find out what happens if Kaz and Inej become a couple.

The story contains only one chapter.

We see some other characters from Six of Crows, but the main focus is on Kaz and Inej.

It is a lovely and loving story about two young people finally giving in to their feelings.

Many fans have been dying to see these two becoming a couple.

And that is likely why this story is so popular.

8. Kaz Morningstar

Meet the Sun Summoner in this fanfic!

(And no, she’s not some timid girl from the ranks of the First Army.)

Instead, in this Six of Crows fanfiction, we follow a ruthless schemer hailing from the gritty underbelly of Ketterdam, Kerch’s bustling capital.

Or, you can call him by another name: Sankt Kaz, the wielder of the legendary Sun Sword.

Follow Kaz Brekker in his misadventures in this tale as he suddenly becomes the legendary Sun Summoner.

9. The Best Worst Kept Secret in Ketterdam

Inej Ghafa returns to Ketterdam to reunite with her once-beloved Kaz Brekker.

But this time, she comes with an unexpected companion.

She wonders if she wants to see him, to rekindle what they had. 

However, it’s not that simple — the little girl complicates matters.

See how Kaz reacts to the surprise in this Six of Crows fanfiction jam-packed with drama, action, romance, and wholesome moments!

10. Waves Turn the Minutes to Hours

In this story, we see all the crows we know and love, but now they are in high school.

And, of course, this brings the familiar high school antics with it.

The characters act much like we know from the original books, although it is set in a more modern setting.

This gives it a different vibe than we are used to but also keeps it very interesting.

You will find some interestinglove interests in this story as well as teenage insecurities.

This makes it even more relatable.

11. Frisson

Inej finds herself missing the rooftops of Ketterdam, a city she once despised but now calls home. 

She longs for the freedom and solitude of scaling tall buildings away from the chaos of the streets below. 

After days at sea, Inej is back in Ketterdam and eager to see Kaz Brekker, the cunning leader of their crew and the man she loves.

After their reunion, things escalate between the two — showing us a love story of transformation and trust, a journey that brings them closer and stronger together.

12. Without a Mouth, I Can Swear Your Name

Picture the characters from Six of Crows — now put them inside Hogwarts.

Also, the story and its characters are more like the Shadow & Bone Netflix show.

There are characters from the Shadow & Bone books and Six of Crows.

The story showcases each one of the crows.

It reads like a novella and nicely combines those two worlds.

13. A Hair’s Breadth

Kaz Brekker, the mastermind of destruction, meticulously dismantles Pekka Rollins, piece by piece. 

With cunning precision, he positions himself to claim Rollins’ entire fortune, and now, he’s trapping a fresh batch of prey in the court’s treacherous web.

Meanwhile, Inej Ghafa’s desperation is noticeable. 

The clock is ticking, and Lady Nina’s impending marriage means Inej’s grim fate of returning to Tante Heleen’s sinister Menagerie is drawing closer. 

Her last-ditch hope lies in a daring gambit: convincing Lord Brekker, the latest addition to the court’s elite, to purchase her freedom.

But as you might expect, in the shadowy world of Ketterdam, where plans hatch in secrecy, and betrayal lurks around every corner, nothing unfolds according to the script for either of them.

14. You Might Be King Of Half The World, But You’ll Not Own Me As Well

Alina’s journey begins not as the typical orphaned protagonist but as a nine-year-old girl that examiners found in Dva Stolba. 

Saving her from her troubled family, she suddenly finds herself in a world of intrigue and power within the confines of the Little Palace as the Darkling’s protege.

Yet, Alina’s life is anything but a fairytale. 

She is constantly battling the towering expectations of influential men who seek to shape her destiny. 

On the one hand, she bears the immense burden of being a Sun Summoner and Sankta, a title that demands reverence and devotion. 

And on the other, she’s the Black General’s unconventional protege, a role that adds to the complex tapestry of her existence.

However, Alina doesn’t give in, growing up with a heart that rebels against control, a fiery temper, an uncanny ability to discern truth from deception, and the awe-inspiring power of a deity held within her hand. 

For her, life is a canvas she paints with her choices, desires, and dreams. 

15. The Battles of Before

Explore the untold tales of Kaz and Inej, two beloved characters from the Grishaverse, in a Six of Crows fanfiction collection of engaging one-shots.

These scenes offer a glimpse into their lives before the whirlwind events of Six of Crows and provide intriguing insights into what transpired after the epic conclusion of “Crooked Kingdom.” 

Each story is a standalone gem, yet they are all interconnected, bridging into the world of “Dealing With Our Demons.”

Witness the mysterious past of Kaz and Inej and discover how their paths converge before the heist that changes everything. 

These tales shed light on the couple who stole so many hearts in the Grishaverse.

16. The One Where Jordie Lives

In a world where hope has been long gone, a miraculous twist of fate shatters the cold grip of despair. 

Kaz Brekker never lets himself entertain the notion that his beloved brother, Jordie, might still be alive.

The idea remains a distant dream, a fantasy he dares not contemplate.

But destiny has other plans.

When the unimaginable becomes a reality and unveils Jordie’s survival, it should have been a moment of joy, a reason for jubilation. 

Yet, for Kaz, it’s a revelation that tears at the very fabric of his being. 

This Six of Crows fanfiction is a gripping tale of the Rietveld brothers, where their unwanted reunion becomes an agonizing resurgence of old wounds.

Amidst the darkness that envelops them, the bonds between the Crows crumble, and Kaz’s profound sense of isolation after the events of Crooked Kingdom looms large.

17. The Four Seasons

Inej finds herself in a spontaneous predicament, seeking refuge from an unwelcome pursuer named Aart. 

Without a concrete plan, she hurriedly slips into a cozy coffee shop, her instincts urging her to blend into a crowd. 

As she nears the entrance, her eyes lock on a solitary figure engrossed in a textbook by the door. 

In that fleeting moment, she makes a daring decision, hoping this stranger possesses a noble heart.

Summoning her courage, she takes the seat across from him and initiates an audacious plea, “Hello,” she begins, catching the unsuspecting man off guard. 

“Could you do me a favor and pretend to be my boyfriend?”

18. With Every Broken Bone, I Swear I Lived

Kaz Brekker, though twisted and scarred, finds the strength within himself to rebuild. 

He’s a man with a dark past, with revenge as his driving force, but he is willing to change for her. 

With determination burning in his eyes, he resolves to demonstrate that he’s more than just a vengeful soul. 

He wants to strip away the armor shielding his heart and take on her hopes, dreams, and fears as his burdens.

Despite his bad knee, visible scars, inner demons, and numerous flaws, Kaz is resolute in his mission. 

Nothing will deter him from being the support she needs, from helping her shoulder the weight of it all.

He shouts to the world, “Look, Jordie, I’m alive!” 

That is his pledge, transformation, and declaration of love in action.

19. One Thousand and One Nights

Every night, Inej sneaks into Kaz’s room, and he’s never sure when she’ll appear. 

Inej prefers it that way, sparing him the anxious anticipation of the inevitable encounter.

Kaz initiates this daily ritual, adding a new layer to their relationship — each day. 

She suspects it takes him twenty-four hours to reconcile with the aftermath of the previous night and regain control of his shuddering body, only to prepare for the following encounter. 

Yet, she knows he craves it, deep within his brilliant mind amid a thousand other calculations. 

She craves it, too.

20. Jordie Lives

Kaz can’t stand the way his brother gazes at him as if he’s some fragile porcelain doll. 

He might have reveled in the hope of their reunion not too long ago. 

But that Kaz is no more. 

He isn’t tiny, weak, or delicate anymore and isn’t about to throw a party for his brother’s miraculous return. 

Not when all he could see in his mind’s eye was the gruesome image of Jordie’s waterlogged, peeling skin beneath his trembling fingers, his lifeless form drifting in the unforgiving harbor.

And just when the crows thought they’d closed the book on Jordie, a twist of fate hints at a different ending. 

But as for the long-awaited reunion?

Let’s say it didn’t unfold with hugs and tears.

Find out more twists, turns, and tangled emotions as Kaz and Jordie’s story takes an unexpected detour in this Six of Crows fanfiction.

Six of Crows Fanfiction: Conclusion

I hope this article has helped you find some excellent Six of Crows fanfics to read!

These are just a tiny sample of all the fantastic stories.

So be sure to look and find your favorite among them.

And if you have questions about this topic, feel free to leave a message in the comments below!

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