Kingdom of the Cursed by Kerri Maniscalco: FAQ [2024 Edition]

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Kingdom of the Cursed fan art by @yanakhvanx

Kingdom of the Cursed by Kerri Maniscalco is a fiction fantasy book and New York Times bestseller.

In this article you will find some frequently asked questions about this book.

I have tried to answer them as best as possible.

I hope you enjoy reading these, and I hope this post answers some of the questions you may have about this book!

YA or NA?

Where Kingdom of the Wicked was more a YA book, Kingdom of the Cursed is not. This is visible in the writing, but especially the amount of spice in the story.

There is a lot of sexual tension between Emilia and Wrath. There are a fair amount of details that are not typical YA.

So I would say that Kingdom of the Cursed is more a NA book.

Series or Standalone?

Kingdom of the Cursed is the second book in the Kingdom of the Wicked series.

Kingdom of the Wicked is the first part of this series. The writer confirmed that it would be a trilogy.

Books in Order

The first book in this trilogy is Kingdom of the Wicked. Kingdom of the Cursed is the second book.

The third book is titled Kingdom of the Feared and is scheduled to be released on 9/27/22.

What is the book about?

Kingdom of the Cursed is about Emilia, a young witch, and Wrath, one of the seven princes of the underworld.

In book 1 Emilia loses her twin sister. She is making sure to do everything in her power to find out what happened to her sister. But also to have her revenge.

It turns out she has to marry the king of demons, the devil, to get all the answers. So she travels to the Seven Circles of Hell with Wrath.

Emilia isn’t sure she can trust Wrath. However, she doesn’t have a choice in the matter. She needs him to make her way to Pride, her husband-to-be.

While at house Wrath, she meets more creatures from the underworld. Not all as bad as she imagines.

And she discovers more about the secrets Wrath is keeping from her.

How does the book end?


The story ends on a bit of a cliffhanger.

Emilia doesn’t get all the answers about her sister. Only more questions emerge when she finds out her sister isn’t dead.

In fact, her sister is the one trying to summon her and being a bit of a poltergeist to Emilia.

Nevertheless, she is in desperate need of help finding her sister.

After Emilia discovers the true name of Wrath, she knows what she has to do. She needs to consummate the bonding and marry the devil.

Is Wrath the Devil?


At the conclusion of Kingdom of the Cursed, Wrath reveals that he is the devil.

He isn’t exactly the devil as we know him from regular stories.

And during both books Emilia thinks Pride is the devil. So it is a bit of a shock when she discovers his true name and identity.

Of course, this revelation brings new complications to the story, not to mention the lack of trust Emilia already has in Wrath.

Emilia and Wrath

Emilia and Wrath are the two main characters.

Like in Kingdom of the Wicked, we follow Emilia.

She needs Wrath to get her to the Seven Circles of hell and find the king of demons.

But there is also an attraction between both of them. In Kingdom of the Wicked, we already saw a little bit of tension between them. And this goes even further in Kingdom of the Cursed.

Emilia is attracted to Wrath, but she does not trust him.

And we get the impression that Wrath also has feelings for Emilia. But we can’t be sure if it is more than physical attraction.


In Kingdom of the Wicked, we meet Emilia and Vittoria. Not only are they twins, but they both are also witches as well.

Emilia finds Vittoria dead on an altar. From that moment, she makes it her purpose in life to find out what happened to Vittoria.

In Kingdom of the Cursed, we find out that Vittoria isn’t dead. This leaves Emilia with a lot of new questions.


Greed is one of the seven princes of the underworld. As his name indicates, he is the prince of greed.

He loves to see the greed inside of people.

Greed is able to influence the emotions of everyone around him. He then strengthens their greed and plays on that weakness.

We first meet Greed in Kingdom of the Wicked. Emilia comes in contact with him when she tries to find out what happened to Vittoria.

As it turns out, Greed does know more about Vittoria. But what exactly, we don’t know yet.


Envy is the brother of Greed, Pride, and Wrath and is also a prince of the underworld.

He likes to collect things that will make other jealous of him.

In Kingdom of the Wicked he tries to get Emilia to sell her soul to him. He believes she will make for an interesting addition to his collection.

We see a little more of him in Kingdom of the Cursed.

It becomes very clear that Envy seems to hate Wrath very much. He is envious of Wrath’s position. And Envy will try and do anything to become as powerful Wrath.


Pride is also one of the seven princes of the underworld.

Emilia believes he is the king of demons, also known as the devil.

She travels to the seven circles of hell to become the bride of the devil.

All this so she can find out who killed her sister Vittoria and why.

Emilia and Wrath talk about Pride a lot during Kingdom of the Wicked and Kingdom of the Cursed.

But only in the second part of Kingdom of the Cursed do we actually meet him.

Bonus Chapter

Books a Million (BAM) has a special edition of Kingdom of the cursed.

Not only is this edition signed, but it also contains a bonus chapter.

In this chapter, you can read an interview with Wrath. It’s a small and fun interview, written exclusively for BAM.

Are Emilia and Wrath in love?

In Kingdom of the Wicked, we see that Emilia and Wrath don’t trust each other at all. They do however need each other. Both for different reasons.

This distrust is still evident at the start of Kingdom of the Cursed. Even so, they find out that there is more to eachother than meets the eye.

Emilia starts to understand Wrath better and reluctantly is beginning to trust him more.

Wrath is fighting his own feelings. But in the meantime, he realizes they work better together than against each other.

While they are figuring this out, feelings grow from both sides. It is still too soon to speak of love.

Wrath Point of View

There is a special edition of Kingdom of the cursed from Barnes & Nobles.

In this edition, you will find some deleted scenes from Kingdom of the Wicked.

These scenes are actually written from Wrath’s point of view.

No other edition from Kingdom of the cursed has this bonus content.


This is a photo I took of my Fairyloot edition of this book!

Fairyloot is a UK-based book box company.

They did a special edition of Kingdom of the Wicked for the October 2020 box. This edition had special art on the dust jacket as well as the bare hardcover. It also has stenciled edges.

They made sure to make a matching edition of Kingdom of the Cursed.

The books will ship in November or December 2021.  

This edition will also have stenciled edges to match book 1. There will be artwork on the dust jacket as well as an exclusive cover.

Bookish Box

Bookish Box is also a book box company located in the US.

They have a limited signed edition of Kingdom of the Cursed with special endpapers, interior art, and a reversible dust jacket.

The edges are sprayed, and it has an exclusive cover.


I hope this article has answered questions you may have had about this book.

And if I didn’t answer something in this article, feel free to message me in the comments below!

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