10 of The Most Popular Digimon Fanfiction Stories to Read in 2024

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If you are looking for the best Digimon fanfiction, this is the post for you! 

For those who may be unfamiliar, Digimon is a Japanese media franchise that contains toys, anime, manga, video games, and more. 

The most popular aspect of this franchise is the toys and anime series, which have remained popular for nearly 30 years. 

There are nearly 500 episodes of various iterations of Digimon anime, with the most recent season still currently in production. 

Digimon began as a series of virtual pets that lived on a small device that could fit in your pocket. 

“Digimon” is short for digital monsters, and it was originally created to be a more masculine option for a Tamagotchi in the 90s. 

Because of the long-running popularity of the Digimon franchise, there are countless fanfiction stories out there. 

This article will explore some of the most popular by number of hits received on AO3. 

Keep reading to find out more. 

1. Cold Coffee 

The most popular Digimon fanfiction is actually one of the shortest, and it is inspired by a song with the same title. 

It is only 500 words long, but they are powerful and unforgettable. 

This brief story depicts a small moment in the relationship between Makino and Lee. 

He is pondering their relationship dynamics and how things have changed between them. 

Lee compares Makino to cold coffee, blissfully bittersweet.

Though this story is short, it is well written. 

2. Glasses Girl 

Up next is a Digimon fanfiction that is a lovely coming-of-age story. 

This story follows the life of Miyako as she starts attending middle school. 

She finds that life in middle school is a bit different than elementary school. 

There are more rules, more homework, and less time to spend with friends, but she is falling into a rhythm and figuring out who she is. 

Throughout this story, we see Miyako grow up, change and make new friends and a few new enemies too. 

This story is really sweet.

3. In Which Izuku Apparently Gets Eaten by a Computer 

The next Digimon fanfiction that we will look at is a crossover with a popular anime series, My Hero Academia. 

These two shows work together well, and this is not the last crossover in this list between these two worlds. 

With only 9,000 words, this is a brief story, but it remains one of the more popular. 

In this story, we focus on the life of Izuku Midoriya as he gets eaten by a computer. 

While this is happening, Izuku also meets many of our favorite Digimon characters, as well as some original characters, as well. 

When Izuku eventually gets spat out by the computer, he has a bit of trauma to deal with, and we find that he did not come back alone. 

This story is one of the more unique in terms of the plot line and crossover stories, and it is packed full of action. 

4. Path to Becoming a Hero 

Up next is another Digimon fanfiction crossover with My Hero Academia. 

The premise of this story seems a bit similar to the previous one, but the author of this story has done a great job of making their writing unique and engaging in their own way. 

In this story, Matsuki Takato is stuck in a world in which everyone around him has a superpower called a quirk. 

He clearly does not fit in, but he must find a way to survive and blend in until he can find a way home. 

On his journey to find some allies, Takato faces strange obstacles and many people who want to harm him. 

You will have to read this exciting story to find out if he is ever able to make it home or not. 

5. Digimon AU: Alternate Universe 

This Digimon fanfiction encompasses every single iteration of the Digimon franchise. 

There are countless characters in this story, as well as many new relationships and friendships to explore. 

This story takes place in an alternate universe where action, adventure, and romance abound. 

In this story, Tal, Davis, Takato, Takuya, TK, and Kari are all drawn into the Digital World. 

While they are in the Digital World, they befriend Shoutmon, who gives them devices that allow them to turn into Digimon for a limited time. 

The teens struggle to find their way home, and on their journey, they meet new friends, find new enemies, and learn a lot about themselves and each other. 

This story has everything you want in a Digimon fanfiction including action, supernatural occurrences, romance, friendship, and more. 

6. Digimon Trinity 

This Digimon fanfiction is one of the longest with nearly 800,000 words and 186 chapters. 

This story opens with the ending of the war, at least, that is what we are lead to believe. 

Ever so slowly, Digimon begin to emerge back into the real world, thereby changing the world even more. 

A new generation of heroes will be summoned to help protect against the new threat. 

Will these heroes be able to come together to stand against this threat, or will they simply fall apart?

There are some great friendship moments in this story and a bit of romance between some unexpected characters. 

7. Wrath 

Next up is another Digimon fanfiction crossover with My Hero Academia, and this is definitely one worth checking out. 

In this story, Izuku is drawn into the Digital World and remains there for nearly two years. 

Meanwhile, in the real world, Inko watches Izuku get swallowed by the computer and emerge less than 15 minutes later. 

Between these two timelines, Izuku has become a completely new person with new features, new friends, and new wisdom. 

This story has a bit of mystery built into it, and it is a very captivating story. 

It is around 30,000 words long, so it is a shorter story that you will be able to read quickly. 

8. Dear Internet

Pokemon fanart fanfiction

This Digimon fanfiction is another crossover story, but this time the world of Digimon collides with the worlds of Dangan Ronpa and Pokémon. 

This story is a collection of fictional letters addressed to the internet from the characters of these various worlds. 

These letters are all different, and each character has something new to say. 

Some of the letters complain about not being featured in enough fanfiction, while others are explanations for some of their behaviors in other stories. 

This is an interesting collection and one that is unlike any other. 

The author of these letters has written each character with a unique voice that feels very true to who they are.  

9. Digimon: Frontier ReBirth 

This Digimon fanfiction picks up after the events of Digimon Frontier

This story is interesting, exciting, and packed full of action. 

In this story, we follow the lives of the spirits as they are reborn into a new world. 

Their memories have been wiped, and they have no idea who they are, which is a frightening and startling discovery. 

There are enemies and conflicts on the horizon, and they must figure out how to stop them. 

This story is incredibly popular, and readers praise the author’s ability to create tension and dramatic moments. 

10. Quirk Armor Energize 

The final Digimon fanfiction that we will look at today is another crossover with My Hero Academia. 

This story is currently 16 chapters long, but more are on the horizon. 

In this story, we follow Izuku and his very unique quirk. 

He can create strange objects, but they do not seem to have any function other than existing. 

That is until Izuku finds out their true purpose. 

This discovery changes his life and changes the lives of those around him, as well. 

This story contains a bit of mystery, plenty of action, and some romance too. 

Digimon Fanfiction: Conclusion

I hope this article has helped you find some great Digimon fanfiction!

These 10 are just a small sample of all the amazing stories out there.

So be sure to take a look and find your own favorite among them.

And if you have questions about this topic, feel free to leave a message in the comments below!

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