Why is Biography Important to Art and Literature? Answered

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Biographies are some of the most treasured and important documents that we have.

They can offer so much amazing insight into people, places, and practices that we otherwise would know nothing about.

Reading a biography gives so much insight into who a person is and what made them that way.

And biographies are more than just facts about a person.

They are detailed glimpses into the innermost workings of a person.

If you landed on this post, you are probably asking yourself, “why is biography important to art and literature?”

Biography is important to art and literature because it provides a unique perspective, it can give you an education on someone else’s background, and it can be very entertaining.

What is a Biography? 


Before we can dive into the importance of biography, we must first understand what a biography really is.

To put it simply, a biography is an account of someone’s life that is written by someone else.

A biography can be an account of a person’s entire life, or it can be a snippet of a significant event or time person in that person’s life.

Typically these smaller snippets are considered memoirs, but they are still a type of biography.

There are many different types of biography, with perhaps the most common being narrative biography.

This biography tells a story; it is not just a retelling of facts about a person.

Instead, it paints a picture of who that person really is, and it gives much more insight into how they came to be that way.

There is often dialogue, chapters that end in cliffhangers, and dramatic scenes, as are common in other forms of narrative.

Narrative biographies are usually more compelling and interesting to read than other types of biography, but that’s just my own personal opinion.

The other main types of biography are scholarly chronicles, intellectual biography, life history writing, and memoir biography.

Each of these types of biography is important and necessary in its own right.

They all offer so much insight into the person, though the information may be presented differently.

Understanding what a biography is can help us understand why they are so important to art and literature. 

Why is Biography Important to Art and Literature?


There are countless reasons why biography is important to art and literature.

We will discuss many of them below.

For some readers, a biography may not be their first choice of novel to read.

They can often seem boring or uninteresting.

But biographies can be full of amazing people and the incredible things they did in their lifetime.

In short, I hope you give a biography a chance at least once!  


Because biographies can be written about a person who is dead or alive, they can completely change the reader’s perspective on a person.

Perhaps you learned about Alexander Hamilton in high school, but you don’t actually know much about him.

Reading his biography can give you a much more personal and interesting insight into a well-known historical figure.

Readers learn about his family life, his upbringing, his educational background, and so much more.

It is a great way to learn more about someone who sounds interesting but who you don’t know much about.

Reading the biography of a person who is still alive can completely change your perception of the person, for good or for bad.

Take someone like Michelle Obama, for example.

She is a prominent figure in the United States, and a person can learn so much about her by reading her biography.

Though this book is technically an autobiography, there is still so much to learn and many opinions to be formed.

Whether or not you agree with her politics or if you like her as a person, reading her biography can either solidify those opinions or change them completely.

It is important to go into a biography with an open mind. 

Education & History

As we know, biographies are a wealth of information, and they can teach the reader so much about a person, a place, or a time period.

There is a reason that biographies are used so often in history classes.

They are full of (generally) unbiased information that can offer more than a textbook can in some instances.

Taking an in-depth look at historical figures can teach us so much about who they are, why they made certain decisions, and how they shaped the world.

Reading a biography from a historical perspective adds a new layer of depth to any subject, and it is a great way to get students more interested in the history they are learning.

Benjamin Franklin’s biography is a common reading assignment in many schools, and it is a great choice for students who are learning US history.

The insight gained from reading this book is massive.

Seeing the beginnings of the United States from the perspective of someone who lived through it is amazing.

Biography is important for the historical insight it can give to readers.

It is also important to art and literature because it can bridge the gap between history and modern times.

It makes it much more real and tangible to readers of all kinds. 


Biography may not always seem like the most entertaining choice of book to read, but there are many biographies that are so well written that they don’t seem historical, boring, or bland at all.

There are countless biographies about people who have lived amazing and unbelievable lives.

These books can take readers on adventures that they will never personally experience in real life.

Readers can experience the lives of royalty, world leaders, celebrities, pioneers of inventions, and so much more through biography.

If there is a topic that interests you, it is probable that there is a biography about someone relating to that topic.

Biographies may not always be at the top of the list for most entertaining reads, but they certainly should be. 


Biography is important to art and literature.

It gives us a lot of information about people, places, and events, both historical and current.

Learning about something you previously knew nothing about is a simple pleasure that more people should take advantage of.

I hope you enjoyed this article and learned something about why biography is important to art and literature. 

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