If you're looking for popular worm fanfiction, this story is for you!

The writer in this story didn’t really take a main character from the original story. Instead, they took the existing world and placed different characters they came up with inside Brockton Bay. But with over 241,000 hits, you know it's probably good!

For the most part, we read the story from the perspective of Taylor. This causes the reader to see the world, and the bugs, the way Taylor does. In most cases, this is very different from how the rest of the world sees it.

In this story we follow Taylor after she joined the Wards. She finds out that they are playing a strange game she is not willing to play. This causes some problems for her, but also makes this story so very interesting.

Taylor Hebert, Danny Hebert and Luna Varga are the main characters in this story. Her bullies leave Taylor in a locker where she sends out a cry for help. What she didn’t expect was the help she then receives. This story is a bit of a mash up between Worm and Wildbow.

This story is a crossover between Worm and Okami. When Taylor is at summer camp she meets a wolf. But not just any wolf, it is Okami. It is really just a lovely story about friendship even in hard times.

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