If you're looking for popular Six of Crows fanfiction, this story is for you!

This fanfic continues where Crooked Kingdom, the second book in the series, ended. Inej is on her way to hunt the slavers around the seas, and she has sent a long letter to Kaz. Kaz in return sends a small letter back with some money. The story then continues from the perspective of Inej and then from Kaz.

This story is formatted as a group chat with 68 chapters! It is funny and witty and represents the characters as they would communicate in modern times.

This story shows the first chapter of a young Kaz who is deaf. The death of his brother goes pretty much the same as in the original story. The only difference is that Kaz is also affected by the plague. And it has left him deaf.

This is also a texting fanfic. It is mostly about one of the favorite couples Jesper and Wylan. Wesper, as this couple is called, is one of the favorite couples in this entire fandom. The story follows all of the crows while they are at college.

In this fanfic the characters are from Six of Crows but at Hogwarts. Also, the story and its characters are more like the Shadow & Bone Netflix show. There are characters from the Shadow & Bone books and from Six of Crows.

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