If you're looking for popular One Piece Fanfiction, this story is for you!

This story really has everything including your favorite One Piece characters, straw hat pirates, and much more. It is a sort of a time travel story with people ending up in a different world than their own.

The rough translation of the title is “We are the Roger Pirates”. And that immediately gives a big hint to what this story is about. The most important character from One Piece we see here is Crocus.

If you enjoy a bit of a time travel story then this might be the fanfic for you. In this story, we see Monkey D. Luffy travel to another world. Here he is no longer a Pirate King, but he has another important role to play.

This story is also a time travel story about Monkey D. Luffy the Pirate king. But it is very different from the previous one. Luffy is trying to do better this time and help his friends.

The focus of this story is on Ace and Buggy. The chapters alternate between these two and this way you get a good insight into what is happening. And the story basically tells us what would have happened if Buggy met de ASL brothers as children.

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