If you're looking for popular Naruto crossover fanfiction, this story is for you!

This story is a massive crossover featuring several different fandoms. The writer also used many other fanfics about various subjects as an inspiration. The characters from Naruto are still the main focus of the story, but there are so many extra elements added that give it many layers.

This story is a crossover between Naruto and Game of Thrones. Naruto and Sansa Stark are the main characters in this crossover. The original aspect of this story is that Sansa is actually in the world of Naruto and not the other way round.

This story is one of the most popular Harry Potter and Naruto Crossover fanfics out there. The story is incredibly original. It isn’t just a crossover. In this story, Harry Potter actually reincarnates into the Naruto universe.

This story is also a crossover between Naruto and Harry Potter. The writer made a note explaining that this story is a re-write of a story they wrote before. But in this story, Harry Potter is actually Jasmine Potter.

This is yet another crossover with Harry Potter. The difference between this fanfic and the others mentioned so far is that the main character in this story is Sirius Black.

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