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This tool uses words from popular heroic fantasy book titles to help you brainstorm some potential book names! Sometimes it generates nonsense. But other times it can give you some great book titles or at least the seed of a great title idea for your next book! So try starting with a word that captures the spirit of your book. Then plug that word into the generator to see what comes up!

Heroic fantasy differs from other types of fantasy in that its story typically focuses on an epic quest done by a single hero (though (s)he may have some help) of humble origin.

The hero often grows into his or her abilities as the story progresses.

Heroic fantasy differs slightly from epic or high fantasy in that the focus is typically more on a singular hero as opposed to an ensemble of heroes with a story that’s often not quite as grandiose.

While heroic fantasy might focus on a hero’s quest to slay a dragon, epic fantasy would typically focus on several heroes’ quest to destroy an evil force threatening the entire world.

With this in mind, try popping a word into the tool above to get some title ideas for your book!

Popular heroic fantasy novel titles include:

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But know that the tool uses words from several popular heroic fantasy novels to generate potential titles for your book.

So I don’t recommend putting a book name into the tool because then you might get some duplicate name ideas!