The 10 Best TommyInnit Fanfiction Stories to Read in 2024

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If you are looking for some of the best TommyInnit fanfiction, you are in the right place. 

Thomas Simons, also known as TommyInnit, is a YouTuber and Twitch streamer who is known for his videos involving the game Minecraft. 

He currently has seven YouTube channels with nearly 25 million subscribers and over 8 million followers on his two Twitch channels. 

He is the most-followed Minecraft channel on Twitch, and his content only seems to be getting more and more popular. 

Because he is such a popular creator, there are many fanfiction stories out there that center on him, his life, and his content. 

This article will take a look at some of the most popular TommyInnit fanfiction. 

Keep reading to find out more. 

1. Passerine 

The first TommyInnit fanfiction that we will read today is a story with close to 3 million hits. 

This is obviously a very popular story, and once you begin reading, it will be clear as to why it is so popular. 

There are only seven chapters in this story, so it is one that you can revisit as many times as you want.

And you will certainly want to revisit this one. 

Techno, Phil, Wilber, and Tommy play a large role in this story. 

They are royalty, and this is a story in which Techno and Phil are immortals and Tommy and Wilber are not.  

Of course, this makes for a very interesting dynamic between the four of them resulting in a really fun story that will have you hooked from the first page.

2. TommyInnit’s Clinic for Supervillains 

Up next is a TommyInnit fanfiction with over 1.5 million hits. 

This story is about finding a happy ending with your chosen family. 

The author has written a great story that illustrates that family does not have to be the people you are born to. 

It can be the people you end up finding on your life’s journey. 

In this story, Tommy saves the life of one of L’Manberg’s most feared supervillains. 

He then becomes the doctor for all of the supervillains in town, making a very interesting career change. 

Along the way, he finds a family and discovers who he really is and how he wants to live his life. 

This story is very sweet, and with 26 chapters, there is plenty of sweetness to devour.

3. TommyInnit’s Unbeatable Method of Avoiding Sudden Death 

Look no further if you are looking for a TommyInnit fanfiction that is absurd and highly unrealistic. 

This is the story for you! 

In this story, Tommy manages to annoy Phil, Techno, and Wilbur just by being himself. 

In fact, he annoys them so badly that they have no choice but to chase after him. 

They hate to admit it, but he is actually quite endearing and funny when he is trying to annoy them. 

There are less than 80,000 words in this story, so it is a good length with plenty of substance, but it is not so long that it feels like it drags on. 

4. TommyInnit; The Three Ends and Two Beginnings 

Next up is a TommyInnit fanfiction with just over one million hits. 

It was just recently finished, and the number of hits seems to grow by the minute. 

This is one of the best TommyInnit fanfiction stories, and you will soon understand why. 

In this story, Tommy is stuck in a room with the rest of the server. 

Though this may not seem like the worst thing that could happen, they are now being forced to watch all of Tommy’s memories. 

Not just a few memories; all of them. 

Of course, no one really wants to be part of this, but it does not seem that they have a choice. 

This story gets a bit dark, so be sure to check out the author’s content warnings before you begin reading.

5. No Cause for Concern 

Up next is a TommyInnit fanfiction that features Tommy and his friends as superheroes. 

There are plenty of villains to face, and these boys seem to be meant for the job if they can get their act together. 

Tommy must figure out a way to separate his true and secret identities. 

Superheroes always do it, so how hard could it be?

However, it turns out that having a secret identity is actually quite tricky and much harder than Tommy ever thought. 

If he manages to accomplish this task, he will be able to save people’s lives and finally be able to pay the rent, as well. 

Things may look difficult, but anything is possible when you have the right support around you. 

6. I Was a Kid in a Village, Doing Alright, Then I Became a Prince Overnight 

In this TommyInnit fanfiction, young Tommy enters a world that he could have only dreamed of. 

Tommy is a sixteen-year-old orphan in Antarctica who saves the leader of the Antarctic Empire from being assassinated. 

After this courageous act, the rest of the royal family decides to begin watching Tommy secretly, and they find that he is actually adorable and endearing. 

Tommy is then adopted into the royal family and finds a new home and family he never thought he would have. 

This story is filled to the brim with domestic fluff and will certainly put a smile on your face. 

7. Butterfly Reign 

The next TommyInnit fanfiction that we will read is a crossover with the visual novel Remarried Empress. 

If you are not familiar with this series, don’t worry.

You will still be able to enjoy this story. 

In this fanfic, Tommy, Wilbur, Techno, and Phil are all members of the Royal family of Antarctica. 

Though they are not close with one another, they rule their land as any strong and steady leader should. 

Tommy is the crown prince of the family.

But he is constantly neglected and overlooked by the rest of his family. 

He is tired of being related unfairly and decides to take matters into his own hands. 

He faces some difficult decisions and must figure out who his true allies are. 

This really interesting and unique story is full of hardships, heartache, pain, love, and self-realization. 

8. Stay Underneath My Wing 

In this TommyInnit fanfiction, we enter a zombie apocalypse. 

If you are already intrigued by this premise, you are not alone. 

In this fanfic, Tommy is a small child who is unprepared to participate in the zombie apocalypse. 

He happens to meet Technoblade, and he decides that Techno is now his older brother and protector. 

Meanwhile, Wilbur and Phil are searching for Tommy without any luck, all while trying to avoid being killed or attacked by zombies. 

If you are looking for a fluffy and sweet story while also keeping you on the edge of your seat, this is the one for you. 

9. Change Fate by Being Aggressively Kind 

Up next is a TommyInnit fanfiction focusing largely on Phil Watson, but Tommy and the other boys of Dream SMP still play an important role. 

If you are looking for a fanfic in which Phil takes on the group’s father role, this is the story for you. 

This fanfic begins will Phil raising the Minecraft equivalents of the anti-Christ. 

But he raises them with such love and support that the idea of the world ending is just a funny thought. 

These three children have powers that are quite extreme, but they are nothing that he cannot handle. 

This is a really funny and unique story, and it is certainly one of the most chaotic.

10. Ours Poetica 

The final TommyInnit fanfiction that we will read today is a bit different from some of the others, but it is no less enjoyable. 

This fanfic opens with Tommy joining a slam poetry team. 

Though this may not seem like the most logical place for someone like him to end up, he actually fits right in. 

He realizes that perhaps the arts are the home that he has always longed for. 

He makes friends and learns a lot about himself as he travels this new path, which is such an enjoyable thing to see. 

Because of the nature of this story, there is plenty of drama, emotion, and hurt, but it is all handled with respect and grace. 

The author of this story has created something with moments of both sadness and happiness.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic story.

It is a great way to round out our list of the best TommyInnit fanfiction. 

TommyInnit Fanfiction: Conclusion

I hope this article has helped you find some great TommyInnit fanfiction!

These 10 are just a small sample of all the amazing stories available.

So you may want to look at the other fanfics with this tag and find your own favorite among them.

And if you have questions about this topic, feel free to leave a message in the comments below!

Lastly, if you want to read more top fanfiction posts on this blog, then check out:

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