Psychic Fantasy: A Simple Guide (2024 Edition)

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Psychics are something that you may not necessarily associate with the fantasy genre, but they can definitely be part of it. They bring yet another special skillset to a novel to make it that much more interesting. Psychic fantasy is a genre that is often full of twists and turns. It can be a genre that’s hard to step away from until the novel is finished. If this sounds like a genre that interests you, keep reading to find out more about it and for some recommendations for novels and series to get you started. 

Psychic Fantasy 

Psychic fantasy is an interesting genre. Authors within the genre have the freedom to write about psychics or people with psychic powers in any way they choose. There is no right or wrong way to write a psychic fantasy. 

We see psychic fantasy written in a variety of ways. A character could be born with psychic powers, or it could be something they train to do. Psychic powers could be something that everyone in a fictional universe has, or it could be something that only a select few have. Psychics could be revered, or they could be hated. There is so much freedom with a genre like this, and it results in many interesting stories. 

Within the psychic fantasy genre, there are several different names used to describe psychics. Psychics aren’t always called psychics. They could be clairvoyants, seers, fortune tellers, or any number of other names. Whatever name the author uses is up to them. What really matters is the skills and powers that they possess. 

A person who is a psychic has skills in their mind. They are not visible skills, nor are they traceable, but they definitely exist. They can see the future, communicate with spirits, and control things with their mind. While a psychic in this genre will not have all of these powers, they all have some variation of at least one of them. 

Psychic fantasies often fall into other genres of fantasy, as well. It is common to see crossover with necromancer fantasy, urban fantasy, and even dark fantasy. Because psychic powers can be part of a story in so many different ways, it is not surprising to see other genres cross over. 

Examples of Psychic Fantasy

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Each psychic fantasy novel or series below is unique in its own way. If psychic fantasy interests you but you aren’t sure where to start, take a look at the examples below. You will find some fantastic stories full of interesting characters and dramatic twists that will leave you on the edge of your seat. 

The Black Jewels 

The Black Jewels is a psychic fantasy trilogy by Anne Bishop. This series also crosses over into the dark fantasy genre. There are many dark themes and events throughout this series, and it is for mature readers only. There are depictions of sexual violence and assault, so use discretion when picking up this series. 

This series takes place in a world in which people are placed into a caste at birth. They remain in their given caste unless they are able to move up. Many people, however, move down. The main character of this series is a young girl who was prophesied to be the new leader of the kingdom. The reader follows her as she grows into adulthood and fulfills her prophecy. 

The characters in this series have many special powers, one of which is psychic powers. These powers are often used for evil in this series, and they cause mayhem and chaos in the world. This psychic fantasy is a great choice for a mature reader who wants to escape to an incredibly well-developed world. The intricate details of the caste system, the powers of the characters, and the world itself are unlike many other series. It could be worth the read if you are interested in this genre. 

The Continuing Time 

The Continuing Time is a series of novels by Daniel Keys Moran, with publication dates ranging from 1988-2011. There are only four novels in this series, so the publication of each was spread out and highly anticipated. This series is beloved by fans of Moran, and held in a very high regard. Aside from being a psychic fantasy series, this series also crosses over into the cyberpunk fantasy, dark fantasy, and time travel genres. it also contains elements of science fiction, which gives the traditional fantasy novel a unique spin. Each novel is slightly different from the last, but they are all astounding and interesting novels. Their storylines vary greatly, though they do follow the same main characters throughout. 

This series follows 250 young adults who were trained from infancy with telepathic powers. They are genetically altered to have these powers, and the alterations cause problems in other areas of their existence. These children are treated as slaves and science experiments, so they are prepared to revolt when they come of age. Their special abilities come in handy when they begin their revolution and start demanding their freedom. They no longer want to be kept sad slaves to the government. As the series progresses, it narrows focus to two of the telepaths and tells their story post revolution. 

This series is full of fantastic world building, science fiction-esque adventures, and, of course, psychic powers. All of these elements together make up an incredible series that will leave you on the edge of your seat. 


I hope this article has helped clarify what this genre is all about and given you some ideas of books to read in this subgenre.

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