Priestess Fantasy: A Simple Guide (2024 Edition)

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Priestess fantasy is a genre of fantasy that may not be one you have read before. But It can be an interesting and exciting genre that has a lot to offer. If powerful women, goddesses, and magic spark your interest, keep reading to learn more about priestess fantasy and all that it entails. 

What is a Priestess?

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To identify what qualifies as a priestess fantasy novel, you will need to understand what exactly a priestess is. By definition, a priestess is a female priest of any non-Christian religion. That is a pretty generic definition, but it gives a basic meaning to the word. 

A priestess can have many different roles and responsibilities depending on the religion they are part of. Some of their roles may include being a ritual leader, offering counsel to members of the religion, preparing spells, prayers, and so on. In other words, a priestess is a mother figure in religion.

Many different religions have priestesses and they are very common throughout history. They have been seen as healers, mothers, goddesses, and spell casters. And they are often figures to look up to and admire. 

What is Priestess Fantasy?

Given this background on what a priestess is and what they do, we can begin to understand priestess fantasy. A priestess fantasy story is one that prominently features a priestess. They may or may not be the main character in the novel. And they may be either a protagonist or an antagonistic character. Regardless, priestesses are often admired and esteemed historically, but this is not always the case in a priestess fantasy. 

A priestess fantasy, of course, must contain some element of fantasy. Magic, supernatural beings, and mythological creatures are common in priestess fantasies. Many times it is the priestess herself who holds magical or supernatural powers, but that is not necessarily a rule that must be followed. 

As you may have gathered, a priestess is a high-ranking member of a religion. In many priestess fantasy novels, the priestess is part of a fictional religion. For this reason, some authors have created complex and intriguing religious systems through which to tell their stories. Some priestess fantasies, however, use real religions. These stories are also intriguing in that they can allow the reader to learn more about a culture and religion they may not have prior knowledge of. Regardless, both fictional and real religions can become elaborate and interesting storylines in a priestess fantasy novel. 

Examples of Priestess Fantasy 

Priestess fantasy novels are not the most common, but they are certainly interesting and intriguing books. Each of the novels below features a priestess in a different way. There is so much room for creativity within a priestess fantasy and these authors have shown that to be true. 

Also, while each of these novels is a priestess fantasy story, they also fall into other genres as well. Historical fantasy, mystery, and thriller are just a few of the other genres that are featured within these novels. If you are looking for an entrance into priestess fantasy, these could be good stories to start with. Be prepared to enter new worlds with fascinating religions and customs that might just leave you on the edge of your seat. 

Priestess of Ishana 

Priestess of Ishana is a 2018 novel by Judith Starkson. It is the first novel in the Tesha series, of which there are currently three novels. Besides being a priestess fantasy, this novel is also historical fantasy, mystery, and Bronze Age fantasy. There is so much to enjoy within this novel for many different readers. 

This novel follows Tesha, a young priestess of the Hittite community. She is forced to deal with evil darkness from the underworld and enlists the help of a King. As they battle the darkness they encounter mythical creatures, face murderers, and struggle against many enemies. 

As it is the first novel in a series, readers can look forward to following Tesha on her adventures for hundreds of pages to come. Fans of historical fantasy, especially the Bronze Age, will enjoy the historical details throughout the novel. These historical details add realism to the otherwise fantastic world the novel takes place in, giving it a great balance and page-turning excitement. 

Age of the Five 

Age of the Five is a priestess fantasy trilogy by Trudi Canavan. The novels in this series are Priestess of the White, Last of the Wilds, and Voice of the Gods. This trilogy takes place in a fictional universe that is overseen by five gods. The main character of the series, Auraya, is a priestess who discovers secrets and truths about these gods and the battles being fought. 

Though this trilogy is not historical fantasy, it contains many elements that are similar to that of Greek mythology. There are gods with various powers, humans with god-like strength, and mythical creatures roaming the earth. 

The world that Canavan builds in this trilogy is well developed and very intriguing, as are many of the characters that the reader encounters. This trilogy is a great choice for anyone looking for a priestess fantasy that also touches on religion, mystery, and mythology. 

Wheel of the Infinite 

Wheel of the Infinite is a 2000 novel by Martha Wells. This novel has a large focus on a fictional religion, with the main character being a high-ranking priestess. This character is summoned to keep the world at peace and ensure the strength of the Wheel of the Infinite.

As a standalone novel, Wheel of the Infinite is a great choice for someone who is looking for a fairly quick read or an entrance into priestess fantasy. There is no need to commit to an entire series to get the full story. This novel contains murder, betrayal, and supernatural beings. In short, it’s got everything a reader is usually looking for in a priestess fantasy. 


I hope this article has helped clarify what this genre is all about and given you some ideas of books to read in this subgenre.

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