House of Earth and Blood: Character Overview

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House of Earth and Blood Fanart Timelapse

House of Earth and Blood by Sarah J. Maas is the first book in the Crescent City series. In this book, we meet a lot of characters who, all in their own way, are of importance to the story.

In this article, I will tell you a little bit about some of the most intriguing characters you can find in this book.

This article may contain plot details and potential spoilers. If you haven’t read House of Earth and Blood yet, please proceed with caution.

And if you have other questions about this book, be sure to check out my House of Earth and Blood FAQ post.


He is a powerful demon and is also called Prince of the Chasm. He is the prince of the fifth level of hell. In House of Earth and Blood, he appears before Bryce as a white cat.

Aidas first met Bryce when she was only thirteen years old, in his cat form. Later, while investigating the death of Danika, Bryce summons Aidas. She hopes he can help her find out what really happened to her friend.

He isn’t able to help her much. He only advises her to run tests on the first murders and for Bryce to make the Drop.

Bryce Quinlan

Fanart of Bryce and Hunt from House of Earth and Blood
Fanart of Bryce and Hunt from House of Earth and Blood

Bryce is half-Fae and half-human. She is the bastard daughter of the Autumn king and the half-sister of Ruhn Danaan. She was raised by her human mother Ember and stepfather Randall. Randall taught Bryce self-defense and how to handle weapons.

Bryce first met her father and half-brother when she was thirteen. She got close to Ruhn, but her father didn’t want to acknowledge her until she visited the Oracle. Bryce then went and visit the Oracle, but this turned out to be disastrous. Her father threw her out and didn’t want anything to do with her after her visit. He evens tries to buy her off so she will never tell anyone that she is his daughter.

She goes on with her life and in college, she meets Danika Fendyr. They soon become best friends and even live together. When Danika is brutally murdered, Bryce is devastated. She becomes a shell of her old self.

Two years after the death of Danika, Micah hires Bryce to find out what happened and to retrieve the stolen Horn. And she has to work with Hunt, a fallen archangel, to do so. At first, she is reluctant and does not trust Hunt. But the more they find out, the more she is willing to put her faith in him. In fact, she even starts falling for him.

Connor Holstrom

Conner is a (wolf) shifter and second in command to Danika for the Pack of Devils.

Through Danika, Connor meets Bryce in college. He starts to get feelings for Bryce but Danika tells him to stay away from her. He follows her orders and doesn’t try anything. But Bryce still notices his interest in her.

After five years, Connor finally gets permission to ask Bryce out. Bryce accepts and they look forward to the date. But unfortunately, Connor dies along with Danika and the rest of the pack.

Danika Fendyr

Danika is a (wolf) shifter and the Alpha for the Pack of Devils. She is best friends with Bryce and they share an apartment together. They both are real party girls. Danika’s mother thinks Bryce is a bad influence on her daughter. This puts a strain on the relationship between Danika and her mother.

She is murdered by the Kristallos which Micah summoned because he believes Danika is in possession of the Horn after he ordered her to steal it.

Fury Axtar

The author doesn’t describe exactly what kind of Vanir Fury is. All we know is that she is a well-trained assassin.

Fury is friends with Juniper, Bryce, and Danika. She is at the nightclub with Bryce and Juniper the night Danika gets killed.

She is a mysterious character who is mentioned a few times in the book, but we don’t know much about her.

Hunt Athalar

Hunt’s true name is Orion Athalar. He is a (fallen) Archangel, born into a poor family in the southeast of Pangera. He never knew his father but his mother raised him the best she could. The moment he could, he joined the army to support his mother. But when she was killed, he joined the uprising which led to the battle on Mount Hernon.

After the battle, he becomes a slave for Sandriel. Sandriel later sells him to Micah. Micah then makes Hunt his personal assassin to regain his freedom. But the more people Hunt kills, the less he feels like himself (losing his identity in the assassinations).

When Micah orders Hunt to help Bryce find the Horn and retrieve it, he is reluctant. He doesn’t want to play guard dog for this ungrateful party girl. But in the end, he doesn’t have a choice.

The relationship development between Bryce and Hunt is a real enemies-to-lovers story. They don’t want to work together and don’t trust each other at all. But all of this changes as they slowly realize they are falling in love.

Isaiah Tiberian

Isaiah is an Archangel and the commander of the 33rd Legion. Like Hunt, Micah buys Isaiah as a slave. Even though he worked his way up the ranks hoping to get his freedom back, he is still a slave.

He works together with Hunt and is a friend to him. But his loyalty still lies with himself and regaining his freedom.

Jesiba Roga

Jesiba is a powerful sorceress and the owner of Griffin Antiquities. She is also the boss of Bryce and Lehabah.

Jesiba came into possession of the remaining artifacts of the Great Library of Parthos, but it is not known how she got them. Regardless, she keeps them hidden within her store. Since they allegedly hold great power, Lehabah is guarding them.

Juniper Andromeda

Juniper is a faun and a professional dancer. She is a friend of Bryce. But after what happened to Danika, their relationship cooled down a bit.

Still, when Bryce needed her the most, she showed up right away.


Lehabah is a fire sprite. At a very young age, she is marked as a slave solely because of who and what she is. Sometime later Jesiba Roga purchases her. Lehabah’s main job is to guard the forbidden books and other objects at Griffin Antiquities. She later becomes friends with Bryce who also works there.

Although Lehabah takes her job seriously, she still loves to watch gossip and drama shows on television.

Because Lehabah is a fire sprite, she consists of flames. And she is able to change the color of her flames based mostly on her mood. Lehabah is also able to project fireballs from her body. These fireballs are very powerful and can shatter glass.

Ultimately, Lehabah dies trying to protect her friends. And her last words are: “I am a descendent of Ranthia Drahl, Queen of Embers. She is with me now, and I am not afraid. My friends are behind me, and I will defend them.”

Micah Domitus

Micah is the Governor of Lunathion and head of the Central Business District. He is a Malakim, also known as an Archangel.

Micah bought Hunt from Sandriel. But he offered Hunt a deal. For every life Hunt took in the battle on Mount Hernon he must kill someone Micah orders him to. To sum it up, Hunt needs to kill a total of two thousand two hundred and seventeen people for Micah. If he manages this, Micha will set him free.

Near the end, we find out that Micah is the one who summoned the Kristallos. He needed it to hunt for the Horn. Micah also admits responsibility for the death of Danika and her other friends.

Ruhn Danaan

Ruhn is the crown prince of the Valbaran Fae. He is also Bryce’s half-brother. They share the same father, the Autumn King.

When Ruhn went through his “Ordeals” he drew a sword out of a rock. The name of this sword is the Starsword, and only the Chosen one can wield it.

Ruhn is a starborn from his father’s side and an avallen from his mother’s side. This means that he can command the light and also control the shadows.


Sandriel is an Archangel and the Governor of the northwestern quadrant of Pangea.

She is Hunt’s former master. He fought against her in the battle on Mount Hernon together with Sandriel’s twin sister.

Besides being very powerful, Sandriel also is very evil. She still holds a grudge against Hunt.

Tharion Ketos

Tharion is captain of Intelligence and a Mer. He has a long brown-reddish tale with black stripes all across his tail and upper torso.

In her search to find out what happened to Danika, Bryce meets Tharion. He helps her along with the investigation. And later in the book, they meet again.

Viktoria Vargos

Viktoria is a Wraith who serves in the 33rd Legion under Isaiah. Wraiths are able to switch between and take over people’s bodies. But Viktoria is trapped in her current body as a punishment for her crimes. This also means that she will eventually get old and die within this body.

House of Earth and Blood Character Overview: Conclusion

I hope this article has given you a better idea of some of the characters in House of Earth and Blood.

If you still have some questions or want to discuss anything about this article, please let me know in the comments below!

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