A Court of Silver Flames: Character Overview

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A Court of Silver Flames Sarah J. Maas is a new book in the ACOTAR (a Court of Thorns and Roses) series. In this book the main focus shifts from Feyre to Nesta. And we meet a lot of characters who, all in their own way, are of importance to the story.

In this article, I will tell you a little bit about some of the most intriguing characters you will find in this book.

This article may contain plot details and potential spoilers. If you haven’t read any books in this series yet, please proceed with caution.

And if you have other questions about this book, be sure to check out my Court of Silver Flames FAQ post!


Azriel is a member of the Night Court and the Inner Circle. He is a Shadowsinger, which means he can hear and feel things others can’t. He can also merge into the shadows and move through them. This makes him the perfect spymaster for Rhysand.

In the first three books, it’s obvious he has feelings for Morrigan. She, however, has no romantic feelings for him. When he first meets Elain, his feelings shift. Eventually, he becomes more interested in her. Elain however is the mate of Lucien. And getting involved with her would mean a potential war between the courts.


Fanart of Nessa and Cassian from A Court of Silver Flames
Fanart of Nesta and Cassian from A Court of Silver Flames

Cassian is a member of the Night Court and part of the Inner Circle. He is an Illyrian, one of the most powerful in the history of Prythian. Cassian fights alongside Rhysand and Azriel.

In the first books, it becomes obvious that he has feelings for Nesta. However, in A Court of Silver Flames, Cassian digs deeper into his feelings. He admits he is in love with Nesta, and they figure out that they are mates.


Elain Archeron is the sister of Feyre and Nesta. She was forced into the Cauldron and turned High Fae. Her powers are different from Nesta’s and Feyre’s.

Elain is mates with Lucien, but she doesn’t pay him any attention. She doesn’t want Lucien at all. There is a sort of tension between Elain and Azriel which is more obvious in this book.


Emerie is a female Illyrian. She owns a clothes shop where she tries to escape her controlling family.

Together with Nesta and Gwyn, she trains hard to become a Valkyrie. But this isn’t just for strength or power. She fights to defend herself and other women in the same position.


Feyre Archeron is the High Lady of the Night Court. Rhysand is her mate, and they are married. She was born mortal. But when she died, the seven high Lords resurrected her. They each gave her a part of their power making her a High Fae.

In a Court of Silver Flames, we see less of Feyre than in the previous books. She also discovers she is pregnant in this book. But the baby has wings. This would make birth impossible for Feyre to survive. However, with some magical help from her sister Nesta, she manages to give birth without dying.


Gwyneth, or Gwyn as her friends call her, is a priestess. She works at the library in Velaris. This isn’t because of a decision she made. But when she was 26 years old, she was captured and raped by a Hybern general. Azriel saved her and Mor brought her to the convent to stay safe.

Gwyn and Nesta become friends and she even starts training with Nesta. Together with Emerie, they try to become Valkyrie.


Koschei is an immortal being from another dimension. He has immense power, and they also call him one of the Old Gods. He is the older brother of Stryga and the Bone Carver. Both we met in the previous books.

Koschei lived in a different dimension with his brother and sister. This was long before Prythian was even formed. One they, all three of them fell into the world and they would enjoy using and abusing their power.

A female Fae tricked Koschei and diminished his power. She then traps him in a lake on the continent. The same warrior also trapped his brother and sister.


Lanthys is a dangerous immortal being. He is a prisoner inside the same prison as the Bone Carver.

Nesta and Cassian enter the prison to find the Harp. They get trapped inside the prison and Nesta asks the Harp to help her escape. While doing so, she also set Lanthys free.

To kill Lanthys, Nesta takes her magical sword named Ataraxia. Lanthys is afraid of the sword and cowers away in fear. Nesta then puts the sword through the creature’s chest and kills him.


Lucien is a High Fae and a member of the Autumn Court. His relationship with his father and brother isn’t very good. He used to be the emissary to the Spring Court. But after the trouble between Tamlin and Feyre, he doesn’t wish to stay with Tamlin anymore.

With Lucien stepping over to the Night Court and becoming the emissary there, he is a member of the Band of Exiles.

He finds out that he is the mate of Elain. And he very much would like to make it official. He isn’t forcing Elain, but he gets frustrated with her refusals.


Nicknamed Mor by her friends, she is a member of the Inner Circle. She has the obligation to make everything run smoothly between the Courts of Nightmares and Dreams.

Morrigan admits to Feyre that she prefers females over males. Nobody but Feyre knows this. She did have male bedpartners, but she only wants a serious relationship with a female. After losing her great love, a mortal Queen, she hasn’t been in a serious relationship. Azriel has a soft spot for her. But Mor isn’t interested in him that way.


Miryam is a half-human, half-fae female. She rules over the island Cretea with her mate, Prince Drakon. Together with Drakon, they created a place where humans and Fae can live together in harmony.

During the war with Hybern, Rhysand contacts Miryam and Drakon. Because of the protection spell around Cretea, he isn’t able to contact them. Miryam however finds out that Jurian, her former lover, is hunting for her. She and her mate sail to Prythian. And with their army, they help Prythian fight against Hybern.


Nesta Archeron is the oldest sister of Feyre and Elain. She was also born a human but turned High Fae by the Cauldron. Because of this, she was forced to live among the other Fae instead of in the human world.

Nesta is consumed by hatred and guilt over what happened during the last war. She can feel the Cauldron calling out to her, trying to get its powers back. And she decides it is time to learn how to fight and defend herself.

Cassian and Azriel help Nesta and a few others train and get stronger. Meanwhile, Nesta and Cassian get more and more comfortable together. And Nesta soon realizes how strong her feelings for Cassian are. 


Nyx is the son of Rhysand and Feyre. He is born near the end of a Court of Silver Flames.

He is a beautiful baby with dark black hair like his father and blue eyes like his mother. His Illyrian wings are delicate and soft, with small claws atop but these will grow bigger once he is older.


Rhysand is a powerful High Lord and the ruler of the Night Court. His mate Feyre is the High Lady, a title given to her by Rhysand.

During a Court of Silver Flames, Rhysand is preoccupied with Feyre’s pregnancy. He does not tell her about the complications with a baby with wings. And while keeping it a secret he tries to find a solution.

A Court of Silver Flames Characters: Conclusion

I hope you liked this character overview and that it helps with understanding the characters better.

If you still have some questions or want to discuss anything about this article, please let me know in the comments below!

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