10 Amazing Bonanza Fanfiction Stories to Read in 2024

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If you are looking for some Bonanza fanfiction, this post is for you.

Bonanza is an American western show that aired in the 1960s and 1970s and was fourteen seasons long.

The show follows the wealthy Cartwright family living on a ranch in Nevada.

Along with the TV show, there is also a whole world of Bonanza fanfiction out there.

But in this post, I will write about some of the most popular Bonanza fanfiction according to hits received on Archive Of Our Own.

Keep reading to find out more about some of these popular stories. 

1. Child of the Heart

This story combines characters from Bonanza and some characters the writer came up with.

Ben Cartwright is on his way home when he comes across a small child.

When he discovers the child has been abandoned, he takes the child home with him.

There follows a search for the boy’s parents and what has happened to all of them.

And in the meantime, Ben tries to raise him as best as possible.

The story is one chapter, but it is a long chapter with 87627 words.

It is one of the most popular stories with over 12,000 hits.

2. Bonanza: Evolution

This is a crossover between Bonanza and X-Men Evolution.

The X-Men are transported to the 1960s where they meet the Cartwright family.

Now Scott, Logan, and the others have to deal with a time very different from theirs.

And with people who don’t know mutants at all, this fanfic makes for some very interesting situations.

The story is very interesting because one person wrote the X-Men parts and another the Bonanza parts.

Fitting them together to make it work as a story was a great feat.

It has a massive 176 chapters with over 11,000 hits so far.

3. In The Wake Of The Storm

Nick is the five-year-old adopted son of Ben Cartwright and is nicknamed Sparky.

He is a wild boy with a fierce temper and loves to race on his little pony.

The story follows Sparky on his many shenanigans and how Ben deals with his wild boy.

Even though he gets himself in way too many difficult situations, his family will always support and love him.

This story is part 1 of the “Child of the Heart” series.

The fanfic is only 1 chapter long with 86714 words, so it isn’t a short chapter.

4. I’m Fine

In this fanfic, Adam Cartwright is a busy man with a lot of work to do.

But Adam is sick and isn’t really capable of doing all the work on his one.

Only he isn’t one to complain or ask for help which causes some problems for him.

Eventually, he is convinced that he is really sick and might even need some medical attention.

It is a short story with only three chapters and 9610 words.

But if you are a fan of Adam Cartwright, then this story is the one for you.

5. Fire in the Wind

This story contains some trigger warnings, so be sure to check these before reading.

Little Joe is taken advantage of by two sons of a neighboring ranch and left beaten and broken.

But Joe keeps this to himself, not wanting to put this out there to his family.

Of course, his family finds out, and not only are they mad at Joe for not telling, but it also causes a huge problem with the neighbors.

But Joe didn’t realize that his family will always stick by him no matter what.

This story deals with some difficult subjects and is thus not suitable for everyone.

But the writer did make it a beautiful story about family as well.

6. Forgive Me

In this story, we follow Joe, who is sixteen years old.

So this story takes place before the actual show and is therefore AU.

When Joe goes out for a midnight ride because he can’t sleep, his father gets very angry with him.

Ben thinks his youngest son is being irresponsible and putting himself in danger, which can’t go unpunished.

So Joe decides it is time to run away from home, but he didn’t think it all through.

This story is part 1 of the “Forgiveness is a Long Road Home” series.

It’s a story about family bonds that will give love and hate equally.

7. The Youngest

This story follows Adam and Joe while they are much younger than they are in the original show.

Joe is only fifteen when his life is in danger.

And now Adam will need to help his youngest brother, with whom he never really had a good relationship till then.

The fighting has to stop, and Adam needs to rethink everything he has been doing up till now especially because you can’t expect a fifteen-year-old to do the hard things.

This story is 1 chapter long with 8031 and is a very easy read.

8. Suffering In Silence

This fanfic occurs after the Magnificent Adah, Ben, Adam, and Hoss leave the saloon.

Adam and Hoss are taking on more responsibilities at the ranch and have less time to care for Little Joe.

So they do not notice when Joe is acting strange and withdrawing further into himself.

But the moment they do, it might be already too late.

This is another story about strong family bonds and the power of brotherly love.

The story is eight chapters long and is an easy-to-read story.

9. The Gambler’s Wedding

This story is a crossover between The Magnificent Seven, Wild Wild West, Bonanza, and Maverick.

There are characters from all the shows, but the main characters are original.

It is almost the day of the wedding, and there are more and more people coming to town to celebrate.

Ezra Standish isn’t the man people thought would get married, especially not to someone like Juliet.

But he is doing everything he can to ensure this wedding will be perfect.

However, when judges and even President Grant get involved in the matters, things seem to be going out of hand.

This story is part 4 in the “Gambler’s Heart” series, so make sure to also read the first three parts before starting this one.

10. Testing Limits

When a snow cave collapses, trapping his brother and his friends, Sparky knows what to do.

He never doubts that he can save them, and so he does.

But now Sparky is walking around town acting like the hero, not thinking about anything or anyone else.

This story is part 3 of the “Child of the Heart” series.

So make sure to read the other parts as well before you start this one.

The story is 31 chapters long but under revision, at the moment, so not all chapters are visible.

Bonanza Fanfiction: Conclusion

I hope this article has helped you find some great Bonanza fanfiction!

These 10 are just a small sample of all the amazing stories out there.

So be sure to take a look and find your own favorite among them.

And if you have questions about this topic, feel free to leave a message in the comments below!

Lastly, if you want to read more top fanfiction posts on this blog, then check out:

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