If you're looking for the most popular Supernatural fanfiction on ao3, this story is for you!

In this story, we see a very interesting side to how angels are created. An angel can take a consenting adult human under their care. They will feed the human grace over the course of a few years, changing the human soul.

For this story, the writer changes the way we might think about Angels. They are not the messengers or warriors of God, protecting the humans. No, they are something evil, and Dean Winchester is hunting them.

This is a very original fanfic about Supernatural, taking it in a different direction. Because here we have a Supernatural merfolk fanfic. The angels aren’t angels anymore, they are hatchlings living in the waters.

In this story, Dean goes back in time to change his family’s destiny. He ends up in 1983 when he is 4 years old, but he still has all his memories. The events leading up to this are the same as early season 8 of the series.

While Sam and Dean are working on a case in Wyoming they receive news about a dangerous angel. This angel is called Castiel and the name is somehow familiar but the brothers can’t seem to place it. Without them realizing it, they have some form of amnesia...

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