If you're looking for popular supergirl fanfiction, this story is for you!

In the first Supergirl fanfiction, we see Maggie and her new partner, Kara. Maggie is very wary of her new partner due to her physical appearance, but she soon finds that Kara is much more than she bargained for.

In this story, we see how Kara deals with more struggles, including people finding out that she is Supergirl. Without giving too much away, just know that this story is somewhat depressing, but it does have some nice moments. 

In this story, Kara has tattoos on her body that indicate the first words that her soul mate will speak to her. What is unusual about this is that most people only have one tattoo, but Kara has two. 

The main premise of this story is that Kara jumps to a different timeline and meets a different Lena. In this timeline, Kara and Lena had never met. 

Though the main character of this story is Oliver Queen, we still get a large amount of Supergirl action. This story covers just about every character in the Arrowverse, so there are many great moments with so many unique groupings of characters. 

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