If you're looking for the most popular Spiderman fanfiction on ao3, this story is for you!

In this alternate universe, Ben dies, and Peter goes through the dreary foster care system. Soon, he runs away from an abusive household and lives on the streets.

In this alternate universe, we follow Peter Parker as he drops out of college. He spends his money and buys a house on the outskirts of town. These strange scenarios set off a chain reaction, and Peter’s new home soon becomes a haven for “villains.”

In this alternate universe, Peter Parker aka Spider-Man ends up in the DC universe. Here, he ends up on the streets, forced to fend for himself.

The author throws Tony Stark back into the past in this alternate universe. Readers follow the original characters’ lives as they intersect in this time jump. We also get to hear the tale from different characters’ points of view, not one!

The author sets this story after the events of the Avengers Endgame, but with a twist. The story follows different characters as they embark on a quest to save the universe.

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