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This story took a whole different turn on the legacy of Susuki Satoru. In this story, Susuki is born a female, which changes a large part of the history of the Overlord world. She is now the demon Empress and she has to learn how this new world acts and reacts to this.

This story is a sequel to the previously mentioned story. The Demon Empress Galadriel is also the main character in this story. And we follow a bit more of her development, but also how she meets more people who are very interested in her.

In this story, we mainly follow Kazuma and Subaru. There are a lot of references to the seven deadly sins and Pride is the most visible in this story.

Here the writer took some characters from different episodes and worlds and put them together. The writer also suggests that it is easier to read the story if you have actually seen the episodes everyone is from. There is a nice summary of all the chapters and correlating episodes to make it easier for the reader.

In this story, the writer is telling us about a powerful Raid boss that appeared out of nowhere inside the game. The story has some elements that are familiar but also give it a very nice twist. There is also a bit of a crossover with Harry Potter.

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