If you're looking for popular MHA fanfiction, this story is for you!

In this story, we see Midoriya Izuki dealing with the everyday drama of simply being alive.  He is the “weird” kid, and he is also weak and quirkless. 

In this story, we see how Izuku feels after his dream is crushed.  He feels like he has nothing to live for, but he convinces himself to keep pushing forward. He also finds a loophole in the system that allows him to illegally help people.

This story once again focuses on Izuku and his day-to-day struggles. He comes to the realization that he cannot be a hero without a quirk. As he struggles to figure out what this means for the rest of his life, we get to struggle alongside him. 

In this My Hero Academia fanfiction, we get another writer’s take on what happens after Izuku finds out he does not have a quirk. This story has Izuku helping heroes instead of trying to be one himself. 

In this story, the heroes are led by Bakugo and the villains are being led by Midoriya.  They have seven days to prep before their battle. 

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