If you're looking for the Best Merlin fanfiction, this story is for you!

When Arthur wakes up ten years in the past, he doesn’t know what happened. And worst of all, he can’t find Merlin anywhere. But then he finally finds Merlin, only he has no idea who Arthur is...

Merlin has traveled back and forth in time in this fanfic. And in some of these times, he wasn’t able to save Arthur. But this time, Morgana has agreed that Arthur is important for the future of mankind. So when Arthur gets himself in yet another deadly situation, both Merlin and Morgana do what they can to save him.

This story takes on the question, ‘what if everyone lived?” Arthus has died, and Merlin knows he has the magic to bring him back. But in doing so, he brings back everyone else who died as well, good and bad...

This story is set right after season 3. War is descending on Camelot, and Arthur is willing to do anything to save his country and people. But in doing so, he brings Merlin in great danger of revealing his secret.

One day, Merlin is captured by an enemy and has to endure horrible things. When he is set free and just goes on his normal business as usual, Arthur is very worried about him. But he doesn’t know what to do about it. This is a story about grief and pain and might contain a few triggers.

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