If you're looking for the best How to Train your Dragon fanfiction, this story is for you!

The story starts in the year 1040, during the Dragon War. The Vikings are at the end of their reign, but nobody considered Hiccup and Berk. They single-handedly change the course of history and make the Vikings even greater. And history will never be the same again.

This is a crossover with Encanto. In Encanto, its inhabitants live safely from the dangers outside. This magical place has protected them for over 50 years, until a Viking and his dragon crash land in its village. But instead of being feared, they are soon entangled with the Madrigas family.

The Vikings of Berk shoot down a dragon and its rider, discovering Hiccup, who is convinced he is a dragon. He refuses to speak or act like a normal human. Even though the Vikings don’t know what to do with this strange boy, they keep trying.

In this fanfic, Hiccup has done something to anger his clan and runs away. But he isn’t alone because Toothless is always with him. And even though Toothless can’t speak, They have some great “conversations.” But when they run into Stoick and Furlan their worlds are turned upside down.

This story starts at the moment in the movie that Astrid runs off to tell Hiccup’s father about Toothless. But from that point, the story goes in a different direction from the movie. Nobody seems to believe Astrid, and she is getting frustrated with all of them. Meanwhile, Hiccup has decided to run away with Toothless.

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