If you're looking for popular high school dxd fanfiction, this story is for you!

This is a very dark story with a somewhat evil main character. It deals with death, necromancy, and gaming, and all of these elements come together in a really interesting way. 

This story is a retelling of High School DxD, but with a new main character and some interesting new twists. Michael is a teenage orphan who blends into the background. Fortunately, his life takes an exciting turn, and he is thrown into a whole new world. 

This story revolves around a girl who was born with memories from her past life. This proves to be both a blessing and a curse as she navigates the world with this extensive knowledge. This story involves a lot of musings about the afterlife including heaven and hell, as well as reincarnation. 

This fanfiction is a retelling of the original series, but this time, the main character is a girl. This story also opens with the death of the main character. After her death, she is on a mission to become a harem queen. 

In this story, we get a glimpse at a girl from the Underworld. She has come to live in Japan due to her fascination with human culture. Unfortunately, she is forced into an unwanted arranged marriage that threatens to thwart her own plans for her life. 

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