If you're looking for popular fNAF fanfiction, this story is for you!

In this story, we see Freddy as a strong parental figure.  This story certainly diverges from the game, but it does not stray too far. It is not the most gruesome story on our list by a long shot, but it does contain some violence and abuse, as is expected for a story based on Five Nights at Freddy’s.

In this next story, we get a better look at many of the other characters besides Freddy. Montgomery Gator and Moondrop both play a big role in this story, as well as many others. 

This story is complete, so it is a great one to choose if you don’t want to get invested in a story that you will have to wait for each new chapter. The author has several original characters in this series, but don’t worry, the original characters from the game are still there, alive and well, at least for now...

In this FNAF fanfic, we enter an alternate universe that is just as frightening as the world in the game.  While much of the story remains true to the game, the author has also taken the premise and the characters and made them completely their own.   In this world, a poor soul gets stuck inside one of the animatronics. 

This story is perhaps the most comical on our list.  This story focuses heavily on the ethical aspects of animatronics. 

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