If you're looking for the best Code Geass fanfiction, this story is for you!

Lelouch wakes up to find himself stranded on a mysterious island. In this alternate universe, the ships are sentient beings. He soon learns about the existence of mysterious beings known as the Sirens. To fight against the sirens, humanity creates humanoid female embodiments of real-life warships.

This story begins immediately after a major war. We are introduced to the main characters Nunally and CC who are both Princesses. They find something known as “the requiem”. It contains information about the past war and some truths about a wartime commander known as Lelouch. This piques their interest. 

Featuring a wide range of topics including time quirks, mermaids and mermen, ghosts, and ghouls, this is a must-read for all anime fans out there. Plus, it’s a crossover with My Hero Academia, Fairy Tail, and more.

This chapter features the sensual relationship between Lelouch and C.C. Be sure to check content warnings to see if this is a story for you!

This spicy adult-themed chapter has many fans wanting more as Sakoyo at long last shares a hot moment with her master, Lelouch.

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