If you're looking for popular chicago fire fanfiction, this story is for you!

This story mainly focuses on Casey’s head injury and how it effects him, as well as all of his teammates at 51. 

This Chicago Fire fanfiction deals mainly with Brett and how she came to join Station 51, as well as the extended effects of that decision. 

In true Chicago Fire fashion, this story also focuses on Brett and Casey. This story is actually many small snippets that do not follow a single plot. They involve all of the same characters, but they are just a small glimpse into different parts of their lives.

Though the main focus is Brett and Casey, there are also moments of Kidd and Severide, as well as a few other romances. 

This fanfic features romance between Casey and Brett. It is more of a slow burn than many of the other fanfictions about this television show, and it takes quite a while for the main couple to get together. 

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