If you're looking for the most popular Bleach fanfiction on ao3, this story is for you!

An injured Ichigo finds himself imprisoned in Muken, the Central Great Underground Prison. He is given the chance to save the Visored when he is offered a deal by the Spirit (Soul) King. Now back in time, Ichigo joins forces with old friends and must fight against old and strong enemies.

Ichigo can not only see the Hollows and Shinigami but also the spirits of any Zanpakuto. As this fanfiction unfolds, the brilliant writing expands on the Bleach canon. Ichigo gets to know the various Zanpakuto and learns about his powers.

Ever wonder what would happen if the worlds of Harry Potter and Bleach collided? Look no further than this fanfic. Ichigo goes undercover at the magic school of Hogwarts to protect Harry Potter, acting as the young wizard’s bodyguard. Chaos and hilarity result in this fun fanfic.

Finding himself in a world so very unlike his own, Ichigo finds himself among Marvel’s Avengers. Foreign Recruit shows the strength of great characters with superpowers/abilities. With quippy writing and fun dialogue, the story flows well.

Anime lovers will probably like this time travel crossover of Bleach and Puella Magi Madoka Magica. The story follows the two fandoms as the heroes and their allies take on powerful villains.

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