If you're looking for the Best Zootopia fanfiction, this story is for you!

This story takes place on Pack Street, which is home to mostly predators. There is one individual who belongs to a prey species who lives on this street, and that is Remmy the sheep. Remmy is an unusual sheep because he possesses many of the characteristics that are typical of predators.

In this story, Nick and Judy are facing a murder case. Luckily, they are excellent detectives and they solve the case while also falling in love. There is a bit of pining from both characters, and it is really sweet to read. 

Judy and Nick discover a deadly conspiracy that threatens to bring all of Zootopia down. They must take this case and fight against old enemies and new ones. Unfortunately, this case has a time limit, and they are quickly running out of time. 

Next up is a Zootopia fanfiction that features Judy and Nick, but it presents these characters in a new light. We get to see a bit of their background and upbringing, which is really interesting to see. Though we get to see some of Judy’s childhood in the film, this story goes into much more depth and detail.

This story is actually a collection of smaller stories that all depict Nick and Judy at different points in their life. These stories are each captivating in their own way, and they each offer a different snippet of their life together. Some of these stories depict more serious and mature themes, but many of them are very simple and fluffy. 

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