If you're looking for the Best Young Justice fanfiction, this story is for you!

In this story, we see a form of interdimensional traveling and an Alternate Universe. In these worlds, we have Bruce Wayne as Batman but also Damian Wayne as Batman too. They are both very different, but with overlapping characteristics.

In this fanfic, Dick Grayson is sent to Infinity Island for a mission. He comes back with not only the objects of his mission but also two long-lost people from his past. This story then follows Dick as he has to process this.

Damian Wayne, the son of Bruce Wayne, is now Batman. But then he finds himself in an alternate universe where his father is still Batman. In this world, he also finds a thirteen-year-old version of his partner back home.

This is another multi-universe story. Damian Wayne and Jonathan Kent have finally defeated the living planet Yggardis. The wizard Kraklow tried to send them back home, but somehow they end up in a very different universe.

This story follows Dick Grayson, in his evolution from Robin to Nightwing to detective Richard Grayson. After his time with Batman, he managed to make a career for himself. But then he gets word that Batman has been spotted in Blüdhaven and he has some choices to make.

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