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This story gives a bit of a new twist to the first meeting between Geralt and Dandelion (Jaskier). Geralt did a job for the Alderman and instead of receiving the coins they agreed on, they offer him something else...

This story mostly follows the storyline from the TV show. We now see what happened to Jaskier after Geralt left him alone up on the mountain. Jaskier is now a prisoner of Nilfgaard in hopes that this will bring Geralt to them.

Here we see seven moments in Eskel’s life that show the friendship between the two. The entire story is from Eskel’s point of view and how he sees his relationship with Geralt. You can really see the great friendship they build, just like in the original books.

Jaskier is helping Ciri out with some of her spells, but something goes wrong and he ends up as a 6 year old. Ciri get’s help from Geralt, Eskel and Yennefer in fixing this problem. And all the while Julian/Jaskier has to deal with some of his childhood trauma.

In this story we follow Aiden as he returns to Kaer Morhen after being in Skelige for two years. He wants nothing more than to come home and see his friends again, especially Lambert. What he doesn’t realize is how much things have changed in the past two years.

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