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In this story, we follow Anduin during the war. The Horde possesses the potential to create super weapons, and Anduin is forced to make drastic decisions because of this. He knows he has to forge an alliance with Sylvanas Windrunner. But they soon find out that there is more at stake than just a war.

This story is a crossover between Harry Potter and Warcraft, with the main focus on the characters from HP. The story follows Harry in his 5th year in Azaroth. Cataclysm has just happened and Harry feels like he wasn’t able to help everyone the way he wanted.

In this story, we follow Wrathion, who claims to be the last Black Dragon. He meets Sabellian, the eldest son of Deathwing, who is abandoned in the Blade’s Edge Mountains. Because they didn’t know about each other, they end up in a violent struggle wanting to be the top dragon and fighting for acknowledgment.

In this story, we follow Sylvanas, and Anduin. It takes place around the Battle of Azeroth expansion for World of Warcraft. Sylvanas and Anduin face each other and are both fighting for their people and themselves. Will they be able to put aside all differences and come to a solution?

This story is a crossover between Warcraft and My Hero Academia. Izuku has always wanted to be a Hero, but he found out he is Quirkless. Defeated by this revelation he walks home only to come across a Little Shop that wasn’t there before.

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