If you're looking for the Best Transformers fanfiction, this story is for you!

In this story, Bumblebee returns to Brighton Falls seeking out someone who brought him back to life. When he arrives, Charlie is thrilled and excited to meet some of Bumblebee’s fellow Autobots. There is a problem, however; they are not the only Cybertronians on Earth...

There are 119 stories in this collection, and they are each a bit different. Some of these stories focus more on action, while others focus more on romance and friendship. There are some dark stories in this collection and some light and fluffy ones too. 

This story focuses on Charlie and Bumblebee and their tumultuous relationship. Bumblebee had only met Charlie because his memory had been missing. Once he got his memory back, he was off to report for duty, leaving Charlie behind. 

Prowl is left to deal with the consequences of his and Jazz’s relationship, and he has a big secret to keep. Letting this secret out would be a huge risk to Prowl, but he is forced to make some hard choices. The consequences of these choices affect everyone around him, and he has to decide his future fate. 

This Transformers fanfiction crosses over with The Iron Giant. Though it may not seem like these two movie franchises would work together, the author has done a great job of weaving them together. Plus, this story is among the most popular in the genre, with nearly 50,000 hits and ~ 1,000 comments.

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