If you're looking for the Best Throne of Glass Fanfiction, this story is for you!

This is a story where the characters are given their own books to read. Rowan is fighting for his wife when he receives a stack of books from the Gods. These books take him back to the past and his wife’s past as well. And it tells him how he will be able to destroy everything and save her.

This story strays very much from the original books. Aelin and Rowan are living in a world more like our own. And they are in a rock band together, conquering the world with music.

This story follows the Heir of Fire book, but from Rowan’s perspective. It gives a look at Rowan’s life before meeting Aelin. But also after he met her and starts to train her. We get a nice insight into his thoughts and feelings, which gives the original book a whole new meaning.

This story shows Aelin and Rowan in the ‘normal’ world. After an eventful night, Aelin and Rowan end up together in bed. But this can have great consequences for their friendship. And neither of them knows how to deal with it, especially when it turns out that one night can change everything.

This is a collection of short stories mostly about Aedion and Gavriel. The story follows after the last battle. And Terrassen is finally free but has to be rebuild. Every short story follows events that happen while rebuilding the city and their family.

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