If you're looking for the most popular Steven universe fanfiction on ao3, this story is for you!

In this story, we see what happens when Blue discovers a gem that haunts her memories. It is a gem that she knows from long ago, and discovering it brings a tear to her eyes.

In this story, Steven meets himself from the future. Though future Steven may have come to the past by accident, he decides that he can fix some mistakes and make life better while he is here. As you may expect, this leads to some dramatic shifts in his life, as well as the lives of those around him. 

In this story, Peridot is captured by the Crystal Gems, and chaos ensues. Steven tries to win her over, but he is not always the most successful at winning people over...

In this story, Steven is on a summer road trip, but he decides to take a quick break in a little town called Gravity Falls. While there, he meets two teens who are in way over their heads. As you may imagine, this story is packed full of comedy and hilarious moments. 

The barrier between these two dynamic worlds comes crashing down, and the Crystal Gems are the first to notice. The Monsters begin to join the world of Steven Universe, and it seems to be going smoothly, for now. 

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