If you're looking for the Best Station 19 Fanfiction, this story is for you!

This story follows Vic and Lucas, and it adds detail and depth to their relationship that we don’t get to see on the show. They finally decide to be open about their relationship and disclose it to Human Resources. However, their relationship faces more stress than ever, and it is uncertain whether or not it is strong enough to survive.

This story focuses on Maya and Carina and their roller coaster of a relationship. In this fanfic, they face new struggles, and they must figure out how to work together to solve their problems. Marriage is still new to both of them, but they are willing to work things out and struggle together. 

This story opens with Vic waking up with a major hangover in a hotel room in Las Vegas. She has no memory of what happened the night before and slowly pieces together bits of information to clue her in. If you are a fan of Las Vegas weddings and secret marriages, this is the story for you.

There are 30 chapters in this story, and each chapter is a different story. Most of these stories focus on Vic and Lucas, but many other characters are featured too. There is a good mix of happy and fluffy stories, as well as some darker and more angsty stories, and they are all really well-written. 

In this story, Maya and Sullivan are in a serious car crash. Maya is severely injured, and it is unclear if she will survive or what kind of life she will be facing if she does survive. Of course, Carina is by her side the entire time and offers as much support as possible. 

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