If you have questions about Elizabeth Lim's YA Fantasy novel, Spin the Dawn...

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"Is Spin the Dawn part of a series?"

Question 1

Spin the Dawn is the first book in the Blood of Stars duology. The second book – Unravel the Dusk – came out a year later, in July 2020. The sequel has a completely different, but equally epic, adventure that fans of YA fantasy will likely enjoy. Furthermore, since the duology is finished, it makes for a perfect series to binge-read.

"Is this book a retelling?"

Question 2

Yes, Spin the Dawn is a Mulan retelling. However, I can assure you that it is still a completely new and unique story.

"Does this book contain LGBTQ romance or characters?"

Question 3

No, there is not LGBTQ+ representation in this book. People actually think Maia is a man herself and is thought to be in a relationship with a man, and they face minor backlash from it.

"Who is the love interest in this novel? "

Question 4

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