If you're looking for the Best Sherlock Holmes Fanfiction, this story is for you!

This story mostly follows the Sherlock TV show with those characters. There are some spoilers for the series, but not much. Sherlock asks doctor Molly Hooper for help faking his own death. He wants to fool Moriarty into thinking he is dead, so he can finally beat him.

This story contains multiple short stories with crossovers between Sherlock, X-men, and the Avenger movies. Each story consists of only one chapter, and each of these chapters isn’t very long. They feature a range of topics and themes, from action to angst to romance.

This story follows the Sherlock TV show told from the perspective of Molly Hooper during both seasons of Sherlock. So there are many spoilers for those who haven’t seen all episodes yet. It follows canon from the series, only it tells us how Molly experienced it and how she deals with the heartbreak that is Sherlock.

This story uses the characters from all the Sherlock Holmes canon, only they are animals. John Watson, the hedgehog, has been captured by Mycroft, the cat. And Sherlock, who is also a cat, tries to convince Mycroft to let his friend go.

In this story, Dr. John Watson is turned into an eight-year-old kid. Sherlock Holmes does not know who Watson is which causes a lot of stress for both of them, especially because Sherlock isn’t the person you would trust an eight-year-old with. And if this wasn’t enough, London is at war with unknown forces.

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