If you're looking for the Best She Ra Fanfiction, this story is for you!

This story opens with Horde Prime arriving, but it doesn’t quite work out the way Hordak hoped. He vows to keep a positive attitude abut this, however, & make the best of the situation. Also, this story features some adult material such as death, drug use, & mental disorders.

In this story, Catra and Hordak are about to claim victory, but before they can do so, they are swept into a dark theater. While there, they are forced to watch their own show amongst both friends and enemies. Currently, this story only goes through the end of season 4, but the author has plans to continue through the 5th season, as well.

In this world, Catra gets a bit of redemption, so long as she can get along with Adora. These two ex-best friends end up at the bottom of a canyon that is full of things just waiting to kill them. They are injured, the runestone is broken, and there seems to be no way out...

At the heart of this story are some very lovely friendships that only grow stronger and stronger as the story progresses. Meanwhile, however, everything else seems to be going wrong. Entrapta has spent countless hours working on a permanent solution to Hordak’s problem, but for some reason, the experiment was temporarily left unattended. 

In this story, Hordak must take a good look at his relationship with Entrapta and decide what he wants. He has conflicting feelings on the subject, making decisions related to the relationship challenging. & though he may not want to, Hordak ends up learning about love. 

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