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"Is this book a standalone, duology, or part of a series?"

Question 1

Rule of wolves is the second book in a duology. However, these books take place in the same world and time as the Grishaverse books. Because of this, I recommend reading the books in this order: 1. Shadow and Bone; 2. Siege and Storm; 3. Ruin and Rising; 4. Six of Crows; 5. Crooked Kingdom; 6. King of Scars; 7. Rule of Wolves

"Why is Kaz in Rule of Wolves?"

Question 2

Kaz has a small role in Rule of Wolves. When Nikolai and Zoya come to the Crow club, he uses a disguise to eavesdrop. In the end, he helps them escape through the canals mostly because they need him as he needed them once.

"Is Hanne trans?"

Question 3

She is born a female and is referred to with female pronouns. However, she has stated feeling comfortable in a male body while she was tailored to look like prince Rasmus. In any case, it isn’t clear if Hanne indeed is trans or identifies as non-binary or gender non-conforming.

"Does David die?"

Question 4

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