If you're looking for popular pokemon fanfiction, this story is for you!

In this first story, we get a crossover with My Hero Academia. In this story, Izuku has a very interesting quirk. His quirk summons Pokémon but he is only able to summon a certain few Pokémon, and they only hang around for a short amount of time. 

This story is another crossover, this time using characters from Homestuck. We see Damara and Karkat and some of their many adventures in their world. In this story, Karkat hosts a weekly movie night and invites friends from far and wide to attend.

In this story, we find out what happens when Tony Stark becomes a Pokémon trainer.  Throughout this story, Tony Stark decides to build two Pokémon for Lila and Cooper to use as bodyguards.  However, the kids do not like them and think that Tony is rather lame for creating them. 

Hikari is the main character of this story, and we get to see how she deals with many different and trying situations. It is a sweet story about friendship and trust that will warm your heart.

In this crossover Pokémon fanfiction, we again visit the world of My Hero Academia.  In this world, children bond with a Pokémon around the age of four, and this bond carries on throughout their entire life. 

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