If you're looking for the most popular Owl House fanfiction on ao3, this story is for you!

In this story, we see Luz as a young ten-year-old who is able to travel through dimensions. Her blended family is even more complex than ever, and there are quite a few misunderstandings that she must deal with throughout the story. 

In this story, Hunter bonds with his plainsman, and he ends up questioning what he really wants. This bond changes the whole trajectory of his life, and we get to see it all play out. 

This story depicts what happens after The Golden Guard commits the worst crime against the emperor. They are injured, terrified, and flee into the forest to come up with a plan to make up for their crime. While this is happening, Luz and her friends are dealing with a mysterious figure lurking outside their house. 

This fanfic depicts a revolution that is on the brink of beginning any day. Alongside an impending war, Luz’s only way back home is destroyed, and she must figure out how to survive knowing that she will never go back home.

n this Owl House fanfiction, we get to learn more about the Human Realm and Luz’s life before she entered the Demon Realm. Luz’s friends are very interested in learning more about her home realm, and they have endless questions to ask.

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