If you're looking for the Best outlander Fanfiction, this story is for you!

In this fanfic, Jamie Fraser is a famous actor who finds himself on a crossroad in his life. He wants out of the Hollywood lifestyle and decides to move to Seattle. There he meets his new neighbor, Claire Beauchamp. He is immediately drawn to her, and the feeling is mutual. But they aren’t sure how to combine their lives.

In this story we see a take on Dr. Quinn Medicine woman, but with Claire as the main character. When Claire moves to a small town in Colorado she meets Jamie. She is drawn to this quiet and mysterious man.

In this story, Claire just started at the Edinburgh Medical School. There, she finds out that she is pregnant after a wild one night stand during the holidays. In a twist of fate, she meets Jamie Fraser, a man who is more then willing to love her and her unborn child.

The prompt for this story was a scene where Jamie get’s blind with jealousy. Jamie and Claire are in attendance at a French court ball. There Jamie notices a man who keeps glaring at Claire. And he does not seem to mind that she is married. Jamie can’t control his jealousy and drags Claire from the dancefloor outside.

This is another story that takes place in modern times. Claire finds a new job in Scotland at a Landscaping business. There she falls in love with her new boss James. But James is not only her boss, he is married too. So now Claire has no idea what to do with herself.

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