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This story is a crossover between NCIS and Criminal Minds.The main focus is on the NCIS set, and some of the Criminal Minds characters show up. Tony has been struggling with a lot of things since Kate’s death. And he isn’t sure if he can still do this job when JJ shows up.

This story is a combination of a lot of fandoms. It tells the story from Tony’s little black book with all the interesting women he dated in his life. These are all women from various fandoms like Avengers, Buffy the vampire slayer, Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, and many more.

This story is a crossover between NCIS and Stargate. The first chapter starts right after season 6, episode 2 when Tony takes Ziva and Mcgee’s side. However, his punishment in this story is being sent to the cold case devision.

This isn’t really a crossover, but some characters from other shows make a guest appearance. It follows a few episodes from the first season of NCIS. Only here, Tom Morrow does his job as he is supposed to. Instead of ignoring protocol, he makes sure his team faces the consequences of their actions.

This story follows the events from season 8, episode 5. As a drastic decision, Tony hands in his resignation and leaves a few letters to his team. Gibbs takes over the team, but things don’t really go according to plan. And even though Tony doesn’t want to be a part of NCIS anymore, he is still sucked right back in.

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