If you're looking for popular Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction, this story is for you!

In this fanfic, we see what might happen if Marinette was four years younger than Adrien. Though this may not seem like the biggest or most exciting change to the original series, the author does a lot with this premise.

In this story, we take a good look at Adrien and Marinette and their relationship. Unfortunately, Marinette is having an extremely unlucky day. But her good friend is there to help her and protect her from danger.

This alternate universe begins with the end of season 1 of the television show.  In the beginning, it adheres to the canon of the show, but it eventually deters from the canon into its own universe.  The main premise of this story deals with Ladybug and Chat Noir being required to reveal their identities. 

The premise of this story is fairly simple.  Adrien and Marinette spend a day at the museum, and Marinette cannot hide her excitement. This story is full of sweet fluffy moments that the author describes as “cavity-inducing”.

In this Miraculous Ladybug fanfiction, there is quite a lot of violence and graphic action.  Ladybug and Chat Noir are thrust into some sticky situations, including Ladybug’s presumed death. Because of this accident, Chat Noir must protect Paris on his own. 

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